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Monday, October 22, 2007

Lord, don't You see all my enemies? Part 1

Most storms in our life will include enemies.
People that we perceive to be out to destroy us and make our lives miserable.
I admit that the words ‘just smote them God!’ have come out of my mouth. I have many times echoed the words of David;

Ps 3:1
O LORD, I have so many enemies;
so many are against me.

But read a little farther, verse 3:
Ps 3:3
But you, O LORD, are a shield around me,
my glory, and the one who lifts my head high.

I speak that out loud often. He IS the lifter of my head!
It literally changes my physical and spiritual posture when I declare that verse!

Sometimes satan can get me so wrapped up in feeling that people are looking down on me, but this verse is the truth that I need to focus on to get through that battle.

After all, I AM a child of the Most High God.

1 John 3:1
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

His love is never ceasing, He will never leave me or forsake me.

Heb 13:5
"Never will I leave you;
never will I forsake you."

The enemy wants me to shrink back in intimidation and shame in the presence of my enemies, but God wants to lift my head.

Ps 22:16
16 My enemies surround me like a pack of dogs;
an evil gang closes in on me.
They have pierced my hands and feet.

Have you ever felt that way? I think we all have felt like victims in this life at one time or another, and that our enemies are out there is great strength.

You may be surrounded, but our Great God promises that...
1 John 4:4
4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them,

because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

To be continued...


Arlene - BY HIS STRIPES!!! said...

Absolutely wonderful post!

Dionna said...

I didn't know you were working on a book!

Kristen said...

Your post made me think of this song that we used in VBS several years ago...





Dear sister in Christ, I will pray for you as you write your book. The enemy will fight to keep you from penning the words that Glorify our King, but lift your head up to the Most High and find your strength in Him!

Looking forward to hearing more about your book!

rural momma said...

Wow!! That is great!! :0) I cannot wait to read the whole thing. ;0)

holy chaos said...

I love the Psalms. God is the lifter of my head. I think enemies can be our own thought life.. thoughts of rejection and shame... but He is the lifter of my head..."If God is for us, then who can be against us?" Romans 8:30-32

very encouraging post! : )

Sharon Brumfield said...

How cool that you are working on a book!
And thank you for posting this.
Sometimes at the beginning of the battle we find it easy to fight the good fight and remember who we are.Then the longer the battle goes on and the more heated it gets-the weaker we get. It should not be that way-but it happens.
Looking to the lifter to lift my head.
Thank you for this post.

Melissa in Mel's World said...

It's as if you opened the lock on the top of my head and pulled out my thoughts as they were floating around...

Thanks for articulating those thoughts so beautifully...

What a gift you have,

PS - Did we break some sort of record on the phone today or what?!?!? ;)

Praise and Coffee said...

I know! It was lots of fun though!
Next time it will be on my dime!

Jackie said...

Wonderful post...can I BUY THAT book the minute it is finished?? :) I have WALKED through some storms...or should I say, HE has CARRIED me through plenty of them! THanks for this. Love ya!

Praise and Coffee said...

Yes, I've been working on a book for a while (years), but feel like it's time to finish and publish it. Just trusting the Lord because I have no earthly idea how to do that!!

I love your input!
Isn't our God good?!

Fran said...

Oh that was just so good....I just love our God. He is just so sweet and tender and is always there to meet our need. Thanks for the Word and I'll await part 2!!


Patty said...

I can't tell you how this post has ministered to my heart. The verse you shared on my blog was great! As a matter of fact, it is the verse God showed me years ago and my eyes light up when I see it. I almost typed it at the end of my post.
Through my "new thing" I have encountered the enemy. Some of my family are talking about us and aren't happy with what God is doing. It really makes me sad. I am praying for them. So this post was a timely word for me!! Thank you so much!!

Lyric said...

Thank you.

Heather C said...

Amen! You, Oh Lord, are a shield about me... You lift up my head!

Can't wait to read the entire book... :) I'll be praying for you as you complete it!

sharon brobst said...

A timely reminder Sue! I love that He is the lifter of my head. It is such a precious image that comes to my mind every time I think of it.

You'll have to let us know when the book is published! :-)

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

you know, there are 31,173 verses in the Bible and you post Psalm 3:3 that has been going through my mind & heart for weeks that He is the one Who lifts my head---in fact, this a.m. I wrote about that verse on my blog...i just think it it gives me goosebumps when my awesome God so brings home a thought towards me from so many different directions...really touched me tonight as i just read your post...thank you my present God through Sue...

Gwen Oatsvall said...

amen ... I especially think that during times of change this happens so much .. you question so much and feel the evil around you ... The Lord is a might shield ...

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a great post! Thanks for visiting me also. I have been through some horrible storms and it isn't fun or always easy. But I have learned a lot from them. I just have to remember that I don't always have a choice in what happens to me in life, but I do have a choice in how I react to it!

Middle-Aged Moi said...

I love that Psalm 3:3 quote. So comforting.

kdwhorses said...

AMEN.......I did not know you were writing a book either. Please let us know when you publish it, so we can get a copy. What a great post, sometimes it seems that there are people out to get us, Satan uses whatever he can to get us to doubt our faith. Thanks for such comforting and reassuring words of encouragement. Praise the Lord!

Susan Skitt said...

Sue, I love how you point everyone right to the truth of the Word! Wonderful!

P.S. Sue, I saw your comment to someone about publishing the book. I've been published in a few anthologies as a contributing author. Two quick tips, to research the Christian market, get the Sally Stuart Christian Writers Market Guide - excellent resource. Another idea is to write your proposal and bring it to a Christian writers conference. I've made many great contacts at conferences through the years and as a result just had a short story published through Tyndale. (coming out in November)

God bless my friend.

concerned parent said...

But you, O LORD, are a shield around me,
my glory, and the one who lifts my head high.
I too like this verse there is power in those word, when I'm felling down I can call on God to empower me.

Karen said...

Great post! My husband went through a situation at work with some nutcase that had us fasting and praying based on Psalm 35 for days at a time. Sometimes it's awesome how you find a Psalm that just fits the situation perfectly. Oh, by the way, those Psalm 35 prayers were answered!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and making a comment. I wish I had known of someone out that direction a few weeks ago. My husband and I were out in Allegan a few weeks ago at the antique fair. We were looking for a decent restaurant around there.

Have a great day!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Beautiful! Looking forward to your book.

Jan said...

Keep're very talented. Thanks for visiting my blog!


Christin said...

People that "WE PERCEIVE" to be out to destroy us...

Isn't THAT the truth?!! I find that most times my "enemies" are more in my head and what I THINK people are thinking...rather than the actual truth. If we could just come out of our own fog of misinterpretation, so much of our hurt could be obliterated.

Thank God he's so patient with us!

And You Go, Girl! Writing a book! ;)

Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you Susan, I'll take all the advice and direction I can get right now!


Roo said...

thank you for the reminder my friend. let us know when that book gets published!

Scarlet said...

You have a true calling because rarely do I go into Christian sites anymore, but on the days I visit you, you're always speaking about something I'm directly dealing with in my life, like God knew I'd pop in and had this message for me. It happens every time. God bless you for inspiring you to write what you write.

Anonymous said...

That was such a blessing to me! Thank you so much for sharing this. Totally fit many of the struggles in my heart recently. Thanks again. I'm encouraged!

Karen Hossink said...

You're writing a book? How wonderful!
I was thinking about my "enemies" the other day and I don't really feel I have human enemies. The conclusion I came to is my greatest enemy is my own pride and I so need God to save me from it!
Seriously, I think it is pride which feeds into the expectations I put on myself to do everything "perfectly" and which ultimately stresses me out and makes me miserable.
Yep. I think pride is my enemy.

Praise and Coffee said...

That is so true! It truly is the root to all strife in our hearts isn't it?

I touch on that in part 3.


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