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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Changing plans~ changing seasons...

My Son Is Coming Home!

It has been a long couple of months, and it is a long story but here's the condensed version.

After 3 weeks in Security Forces training, my son developed back pain. It did not get better and the Air Force has determined that it was an old injury that is irritated. (He had a dirtbike accident a year ago and broke his collar bone and his pelvis in 2 places.)

They said that he had broken vertebrae from the former injury (though we were never told this) and that it would not get better so they decided to discharge him.

At first we were all heartbroken that he was leaving the Air Force. We hoped and prayed that he could stay or be re-assigned to a different, less physical unit. This didn't happen and after being very upset and concerned about his future, the Lord impressed on my heart that He had His hand on this. (No kidding Sue!)

I felt that the Lord had him there for a reason and a season. He had things to teach him and those things have been accomplished.

Ok. I trust you Lord! Italy is not YOUR plan!

I will spare you all the horrible details of this situation. I have purposely not posted what is going on because I have struggled with my attitude about it. I have had to trust that the Lord was doing a work in my son and let the process happen.
However, when it got really ugly and we felt almost abusive- we did get our Congressman involved and wow- did thing speed up. has been several weeks and I am SOOOOO ready for my boy ( to come home!!!

He will re-enter college after the 1st of the year and we will trust the Lord to lead him in the rest of His plans.

Ps 33:11
But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever,the purposes of his heart through all generations.

Prov 16:9
In his heart a man plans his course,but the LORD determines his steps.

Jer 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Have any of your plans ever been totally turned upside-down?

You wondered what was going on- didn't GOD tell you to do this or that?

Sometimes the season is not as long as we think!

This songs has always been a favorite- every time it gets to the springtime and she says the line "and everything that's new"- I burst into tears! I kid you not! There have been so many times of the bleak cold winter seasons that I am overcome with the joy that God brings after them!


Looks like he will be flying home on Friday, I think I'll make him his favorite, tacos!


Heather C said...

I love this song! And I'm so glad that God has brought you to a place of peace concerning this. It's so hard when we can't see trace His hand, to trust His heart. Praying for a wonderful reunion and a smooth transition into college for your son... You are a wonderful example of God's grace, Sue. Thank you for being that.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Sue~ Thank-you for sharing your thoughts regarding this new season in your/sons life!!

God DOES have a perfect plan....and if there is one thing I'm S-L-O-W-L-Y learning as a Mom is this:

The amount of LOVE that I have for my child, DOESN'T even TOUCH the depth of Love that my Heavenly Father has for them!!

The hard part, is being *still* and waiting for God's perfect plan to unfold!!

I'll be praying for you during this well as for your son!

I believe with all my heart that God has GREAT things in store!!

Blessings to you!!

Middle-Aged Moi said...

I have definitely had my "plans" completely turned upside down. At first, I was heartbroken and unable to cope (also selfishly moping....) and after it was all done, I realized that God did it for my good and I felt foolish and contrite. I'm glad you have reconciled yourself to the fact that he's coming home- because now you can enjoy every moment of it! :-)

MorningSong said...

Whew! Ok, now that I am finished crying. I love that song. It is an all time personal favorite and I have not listened to it for a long time. I definitely needed to!! Thank you.

I was drawn over to your blog via Just Mom. I had to see who also found curling irons needed plugging in. I am glad I stopped in, now for a different reason.

Blessings to you, your family and your son during this season you are in today!!

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed when I cannot see God's purposes at a fork in the road, and yet often can see clearly later that yes, He did purpose something very specific in a particular circumstance. Trusting He has indeed purposed great things in your son and for your son.

Lisa Spence said...

May the Lord fulfil HIS purposes for your son, showing Himself faithful!

PS Thanks for stopping by my site and posting a comment. I KNEW I HAD to come return the visit as I dearly love praise AND coffee!

Fran said...

That makes this momma's heart filled with joy for you. That was a precious moment for me to be reminded of God's plan and His will over our lives.

Enjoy those tacos!!

Susan said...

"Have any of your plans ever been totally turned upside-down? "

I almost had to smile when I read this. Which of us, who have walked with the Lord any time at all have NOT had our plans totally turned upside-down? That's the point I guess--OUR plans, not His!!!

Been there and earned and wear that T-shirt as they say.

kdwhorses said...

How great he is coming home. I know I sometimes get upset when My plans do not work out. But it is HIS plans that work. Thank you God for that. HE does know what is right for each and every one of us. Scripture says, lean not on your own understanding........

Pen of Jen said...

Oh Sue, I know that God has a plan. I will pray that you will continue to be strong. And tacos??? Set up the table, how blessed he is to have a mom who comforts all the time.

Thanks for sharing. Prayers

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Oh how nice to have your little mean grown son...coming home!

Nikki said...

I LOOOOVE that song...Nichole Nordeman is one of my favorites, and that song is particularly special to me cuz my sister sang it (beautifully) in church...

about your son: I look forward to seeing God's plan unfold in his life. Big hugs, momma.

Heather said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! God is so good to *shut* the door on something that is NOT His plan. When the door is shut on MY plans, I get such a mix of both peace and frustration!??? It IS hard. Praying for you and glad he will be home with you soon :)~heather

Anonymous said...

Sue, as you have longed for your son to be able to I have longed for my daughter to come home. God has a season and a reason.

I can only say that I have been so stretched during this year and I pray that because of it,longing to lay back against Him and rest,I can know that I have grown.

My prayers are with you and Mark as you entrust you son once again to the Lord and know this his future is in our Father's hands.

Jen said...

I am soooo happy that you get to hold your son again so soon.
I am also praying for him as I am sure this must feel like broken dreams and uncertainty right now.
Please thank him from a Canadian for his heart to serve and protect, and as uncertain as things seem right now....I am confident that it will one day all make sense.

Blessings on your reunion!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sue!!

Only God knows the exact reason for this "season" of your life and your son's life, but aren't you still amazed that He loves us so much that He even takes dirt bike accidents and makes them part of the plan? :)

Have some mighty good tacos, indeed!!

THAT IS MY FAVORITE SONG!! I always cry, too!


Alana said...

I'm so happy for you that he is coming home. I know God will work good through this situation. Can't wait to hear your testimony on that! Enjoy those tacos and your boy...homecomings are wonderful!

Roo said...

TACOS!!! i'm coming too then.

Amrita said...

Thank you sue for entering me in your give away draw.

i know what you went thru. I 've been very disappointed and hurt lately just waded thru black waters.But I 'm glad your son is safe. May the Lord direct his paths.

Make a huge batch of his favourite tacos and enjoy!

Cheryl said...

Oh, that's a great song. I'm glad youtube has more and more Christian songs on it.

God has a plan for you and your son! He will direct your son's path.

Holly said...

Oh Sue, I'm sorry. But may I tell Chris wanted to go into the Air Force, but couldn't. Then He wanted to be in aerospace and couldn't.

Over the years, it was disappointing to my Chris. And now? He works in the aerospace industry on lasers for the military and is doing exactly what He is supposed to be doing.

I cannot wait to see a few years down the road, just what God has in mind for your's GOOD and BEST! I just know it!

Still praying for all of you...

Jan Parrish said...

I'm sitting here crying that your son is coming home. What a blessing. Our plans are not His. His plan is better.

Beautiful blog. I'll be back. :)

Pam--in America said...

God definitely has a plan; I'm glad that you're accepting that! Enjoy having your son home!

Rachelle said...

God's ways are not our ways, that's for sure. Makes life hard sometimes but I'm so glad for you that your son is coming home and that you've brought all your struggles directly to the foot of the cross. Peace to you.

Connie Pombo said...

I love your post; I jumped over from Boomer Babes! I don't know the entire story (I will need to read on), but I do know this..."God makes no mistakes!" My dear mentoring friend said that to me for years and it never became real to me until this past year (after a dirt biking accident!). God has plans for your son that we can't even imagine...hang on!



Sharon Brumfield said...

I am so glad your "man" is coming home. Yes, I have had some plans flipped upside down.
The testing times can always be a little like walking on a water bed.
It will be cool to see where God takes your son. I wonder if one day in the future he will be able to put his finger on why all this happened.
The ways and mind of God-unfathomable.

Susan Skitt said...

Sue, thank you for sharing all of that with us. What a beautiful song. What a beautiful testimony you have given, yes, God is making all things new, constantly, even in the cold of winter...

It makes me think about the day when this old body will be made new, when mortality will put on immortality, like a seed planted in the ground that breaks forth... all because of Jesus :)

Will be praying for you all as your son/man comes home and moves forward in this new direction God has for him.

P.S. Happy taco eating on Friday :)

Rose of Sharon said...

Dear Sue - I am so happy for you that your son is coming home! I am sorry that all the plans fell through, but so glad that we have a God is has His ultimate plan and has your son in his hands!

Beautiful song! I love Nichole Nordeman.

God bless you! Sharon

Cahleen @ The Alt Story said...

I wish you could make me some tacos! I haven't had real Mexican food in almost two years. Anyway, in all seriousness, I'm so happy for you! I know that you'll trust in the Lord to take care of your son, although it may be hard at times.

Kimmie said...

God's ways aren't are ways, His are so much higher, though sometimes in our earth suits we just can't understand.

Thanking God for his protection and provision for your son's future. May you all be blessed by this change of events and the Will of God for your lives.

Love you Sue...

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

redmaryjanes said...

I am sad to hear that your son has that injury, but I have to tell you that my heart is jumping cartwheels that he is coming home.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the circumstances, but I know you will be happy to have him near! Thanks for visiting me today!

LadySnow said...

I know it can be hard when what you think is meant to happen doesn't. already is in the Lord's hands and that is all that matters.

Also, thank you for sharing that video. Very nice. ;o)

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

You have shared this so beautifully. I am sure the road has not been easy, but God has a purpose in it all for your son. Enjoy your feast of tacos!

Lori said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful song and video.
Hope you are enjoying your sons homecoming.

Dionna said...

I'm sorry for all the dissapointments and frustrations that have gone on with this. It's a new season for sure - and God will direct your son's paths...

Dianne said...

Hmm, I can relate to the "when things seem upside-down" thought. SOme things in my life have been radically tossed around this year, especially in the last few months. Things don't "look" right but I have to believe God is at work and just get out of the way.

Great post!

Karen Hossink said...

God's plans ARE always best, and we do well when we trust in Him.
I hope your reunion with your son is wonderful.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love that song and it has encouraged me through many situations...

I will be praying that your son will come to see God's hand in this as well...he's lucky to have a praying mom like you!

Cathy said...

I enjoyed your post about you son coming home. And I love the scripture verses you chose. Also, that video is absolutely beautiful.

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