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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Off to Italy!

My son in the Air Force just foung out that they are sending him to Italy after his current training school (should be in October sometime).'s taking me a little time to get used to the idea....but I am thankful that it's not Iraq.

But it's a loooong way from home!

I am nervously excited for him. If he is there for a long time, we will of course have to visit- I hear the food is pretty good ! :)

Thanks for all your prayers and support for him (and his Mom!).



Sharon Brumfield said...

I would truly love to go there for a visit. Yes, the food. I understand they have great culinary schools there. Wish I had been able to go there when I went through culinary school.
I understand your heart when it comes to Iraq.
Thank you God.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading here for a while and I am encouraged and amazed at how you are handling this. Thank you for showing us real faith. I'll be praying as the Holy Spirit brings your family to mind.

Ashley said...

I am (and will continue) praying for your and your family. Your blog is such an encouragement to me. I love "meeting" ladies who love the Lord and are following His plans for their lives. Italy ... I've heard it's a nice vacation spot! ;)

Anonymous said...

You sure WILL have to visit (and blog about it too, so we can live vicariously through you, lol).

Susan said...

My mom and dad LOVED Italy. I am thankful he is not go to Iraq or in that general area.

Missed you this week!


Shelly said...


And I agree with the others' comments here - your heart that is trusting the Lord in this is so precious and a testimony. I am always encouraged!

And clearly you should go visit :)

Steffie B. said...

I can't believe the summer has just flown by and we have not been able to get together. Hmmmmm....I'm thinking a trip to Italy might be needed! ;)

Pam said...

Italy is far better than Iraq, but I can certainly understand any mama having trepidation at having one of her babies leaving the country.

I will be keeping all of you in my prayers, Sue.

Praise God for keeping him safe thus far. We will continue to ask Him for protection.

Theresa said...

How exciting for him!

I'm glad its not Iraq too. Praying for you all.

Mandalyn said...

I suppose if you're going to visit him anywhere, Italy is better than Iraq--I agree with you!! I know you must be a little worried but the Lord will watch over Him! He has great plans for him--even in Italy!!:)

Roo said...

wow!!! bless him and bless you! xo
italy is beautiful. when i was there i remember the people there telling me that they way they could tell the tourists from the people that lived there was the tourists drank the cappicinnos ALL DAY LONG whereas the people that lived there only had cappicinno for breakfast!

:) it didn't take long to bust me. i was drinking italion cappicinnos EVERY CHANCE I GOT!!

redmaryjanes said...

My father is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, so I grew up in the military. I am glad that he is not going to Iraq too. I will pray for you and your boy. I am already struggling with the concept of my oldest son getting closer to adulthood. I know it must be so hard to see him go. But he is always just as close to the Lord, no matter where he is.

Praise and Coffee said...

Italian cappicino!!
I'm there!

sharon brobst said...

Sue~Thanks for your visist and comments. humm...Italy...yeah I'd have to visit too if my son was there for long. :-)

PandaMom said...

I wonder what plans the Lord has for him over there!? Could be very EXCITING! ; )

Diane Meyer said...

Hi there, I saw your post on Randy Alcorn's blog and I noticed we had a few things in common so I thought I'd say "hi ya".
My son is a fire fighter in the Air Force, heading to Afganistan in Sept.(He is doing combat training now in WI...THAT'S what a Mom loves to hear!) I'll keep your sone in my prayers as I pray for mine.
As for our other things in common, we were both on Randy's blog, we both love the Lord, and I absolutely adore my coffee! My daughter works at Starbucks and if the Lord is truly gracious, she'll never leave. :-)
Take care,
Diane Meyer

Susan said...

Italy sounds exciting!!! Yes, you must go, too.

Jen said...


Thank you for the comments.

Italy would be amazing!!!

Having a son so far from home...not so much!

God is continuing to show His faithfulness....bless you all once again!

Tammy said...

I'm just getting to know you a bit so didn't know your son was in the Air Force until I noticed the button in your sidebar and read this...
I can only imagine how both nervous but proud of him you are!
He will be in my prayers!

Laura said...

THANK GOD it's not Iraq indeed! We'll be praying on this end!

Holly said...

Praying for your son, Sue! Maybe you can take a trip over there and see the sights, smells the wonderful aromas of italian cooking and just hang out a while!
Love and prayers,

David Edward said...

thanking you - and your son, for his service to our country,
God bless you.

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