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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hot Topics

I have always wanted to do a talk show like The View, but from a Christian point of View. My girlfriend and I did a couple mock talkshows for our ladies ministry called, “The Way We See It” and had a blast. We even invited guests like “Mertha Stewart” and “Super Ninny” (aka Super Nanny).

You seemed to really enjoy the Victoria Beckham post, so, I’m thinking that I am going to start doing Hot Topics on Praise and Coffee. I think that we all have a lot to say about things and we need a good outlet to get our point of VIEW out don’t you think??? Maybe some producer will pick this up and I’ll be calling you to be guests on the show! : P

Today’s topics: Hollywood’s Young Starlets
You can’t turn on a news channel without hearing about the young Starlets gone astray these days. Lindsay, Brittany, Paris….the list goes on.
My heart breaks for these young girls, they are so lost and in need of a Savior.

Eph 4:17-19
18 They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.
19 Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.

This is a good description of where they are now, but how did they get there?
We don’t really know the whole story in their lives, but they’re real drama is that they don’t have a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord would fill every hurt and need that they have. He would show them healthy boundaries and give them hope for tomorrow.

I am so sad for these young girls who are struggling to find out who they are and what their purpose is. They obviously haven’t found the love of God, so they flounder in front of the world and the world is not kind to them in the process.

Luke 19:10
10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."

I think the word LOST best describes the state that these kids are in.

So, we should pray for them. Yes.
However, I don’t believe that means that we also stand idly by and let them dictate the culture to our children.
We talk to our kids about it. We teach them what God’s Word says.
We help our daughters/sons avoid these pitfalls by teaching them that they are created by God for a purpose.

To know Him and make Him known.
I just love Him and His love has so radically changed my life, that I want these hurting people to know that love too!
Dont' you?!



Anonymous said...

Wow, Sue! How I wish your words today could get into the hands of so many of these young women who are struggling with their identity. Thank you so much for following the lead of the Holy Spirit when it comes to writing these devotionals and always hit the nail on the head! Have a great week!

Susan said...

Love this "new show"! Hot Topics. I have a teenage girl and she is just disgusted by the young starlet behavior. She 'snorts' when she hears them described as role models. "Yeah...NEGATIVE role models, mom." Our sons are the same way about sports figures who make zillions and then end up blowing it with illegal drug use, DUI, dog-fighting, whatever. Having said all of this, of course, I realize that under the right circumstances, we are all susceptible to temptation.


concerned parent said...

I like the idea of "Hot Topic" how fun this will be. I agree on the starlets in the news they NEED Jesus so much, they are looking for love in very dark places, not good. Hopefully they can find the Lord and know what it feels like to be truly loved.

Susan said...

Absolutely and well said.

Middle-Aged Moi said...

I DO! For sure! Their emptiness must be incredible and so lonely for them. I think the pressure would turn me crazy! I have never even THOUGHT of praying for Hollywood before, but you sure do raise a valid point. Especially when you consider the impact it has on our culture.

Tammy said...

Awesome post!

Funny, I'm in my 40's now (but I'm a young, young 40' least that's what I keep telling myself!) but my daughters are just little girls- 8 and 5. Although we don't immerse ourselves in the culture by any means, my oldest loves the re-runs of Full House (as in the twins all grown up) and Lindsey's "Parent Trap". So far, she doesn't know what kinds of things they have gotten into...but it is so true that we need to keep the lines of communication open with our children about pop culture they see and poor role models.

And I loved the pretend talk show you all did...sounds hilarious! :)


Sharon Brumfield said...

Today while at Walmart I couldn't help but check out the covers of those magazines. One after the other reported the problems they were having.
One one cover Lindsy Lohan(sp)was in trouble with the law again.
I so wish I had the opportunity to sit down with her and share the freeing love of our Father.
We need our Father and so do they.
We are all pretty needy. He can handle it.

Bree said...

Amen! It saddens me to see how the media continues to focus on how "awful" these girls are when they are so far astray. They truly are in need of prayers. Thank you for the post, I truly enjoy your blog:)
God bless!

Praise and Coffee said...

I'm so thrilled by your responses. I think that our prayers will be powerful.

I heard that Lindsay Lohans Dad had gone through Teen Challenge to overcome his drinking problem. He said that he wants Lindsay to go there- wouldn't that be awesome?!

Teen Challenge is a wonderful- Bible filled program and she would be trained in the Bible truths and love of God.

I pray that she gets there! And maybe others would go too.
Keep praying!

Roo said...

God bless you sue! heart aches for these and many others. for children. for purpose. for freedom.

Anonymous said...

Amen! We certainly should NOT allow them to dictate the culture to our children. And keeping in mind that Paris is 26 years old and still needing (and finding) parents to bail her out (no pun intended), I'm reminded all the more that the only "buy out" that could ever make a lasting (ETERNAL) impact in our lives is when Christ paid the price for our sins on the cross.

Dionna said...

Oh - you've hit on a hot topic with me - the media and hollywood! We can be so condescending - when we really need to step out in love. I wish someone in these girls' lives would love them enough to be real with them.

Shelly said...

Yes Sue!

My heart has been aching over them as well. And to add to the sadness, they're not the only ones. Clearly, this lifestyle (or at least the insecurities, sensual indulgences, and depravity) are a part of the lives of many of our youth. May God have mercy on us and direct our steps to the One who satisfies.

Great post. And Scripture.

Gracie said...

Hot topics, very cool. I like it!\\\

Grantham lynn said...

The sad thing is so many kids do see these people as role models. We work with teenagers everyday that are so longing for love and attention and will do anything for it. We are trying to show them that what they need is a relationship with Jesus. Pray for us please as we work with teens.
See our work at

jamie carie said...

Great post Sue (and thanks for visiting my blog on this topic!). Have a blessed week!

Delete said...


This post was awesome! You have a real talent for making His Word culturally relevant. I would love to read more of your thoughts on other hot topics.


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