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Saturday, April 14, 2007

This one's for Daddy!

We are Cobra motorcycles dealers (the little ones that the 4-10 year olds ride) and Daddy can't wait for his little Lauren to saddle up!


Shari said...

Too cute!! Does all your family participate in biking? We have a number of guys in our church that love it. A friend of our's has a Church for Bikers in our capital city Ottawa, Ontario.

Steffie B. said...

That is too cute. We have a biker group at church too!

Roo said...

awwwww! i can JUST IMAGINE my little girl would be freaking out if she got close to one of those.

C's Mom said...

Adorable photos!

Thanks for stopping by :0)

Scide said...

I love to hear about people involved in motocross as my three kids are as well. My daughter was at the Unadilla, NY pro race and got to be the 30-second board girl. A highlight in her 19 year old life! Enjoy your time with family, it's a great sport for that. And life in a motorhome...I can sooooooo relate. We too have gone to FL often off season to practice as we are from NH.

Praise and Coffee said...

Will you be at Lake Whitney or Loretta's this year?


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue..
Not sure if we'll be at Loretta's. My daughter does like to try at Southwick (MA) and usually does well. It's been hard for many reasons and with schedules
to go all the way, but that is her goal. Do you ever head up this way? (MA-NH-CT-ME) We usually go to a few National races as well.
Esp. Southwick as it is not too far.

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