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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ...Josh?

It was Josh's 17th birthday and Lauren had to get in on the action!

She was just sure all the singing and celebrating MUST be for her- after all she is the princess!

But when we got to the "Happy Birthday dear Jo--osh"...and he blew out the candles...she completely deflated!
It was the saddest/cutest thing you ever saw!

She got over it real quick though when she got to eat her piece of cake.


Roo said...

hahah!! little girls are the funniest little drama queens, heh?
i got one too and she keeps me very entertained. so fun.

so good to meet you! shalom!

Rhonda said...

That is adorable! Little one's don't quite get it when the birthday party is for someone else.

Very cute. Sounds like she is definitely the life of the home.

Anonymous said...

Mine are all adopted (well, almost), ages 7½, 5, 4 and 3 months. Just with the 4 year age gap from our youngest to the next, the baby is already completely doted on by his older siblings.

No, Lauren isn't spoiled, what with all those older siblings, now is she?! LOL. She's precious.

Pam said...

This just made me chuckle out loud! I have one at my house that would have done the very same thing at that age! Sweet photos, Sue.

Tamatha said...

She is SO cute!:o)

Smelling Coffee said...

Hi Sue~ I haven't had time to look at other things on your blog until just a few minutes ago when I noticed about your adoption on your sidebar. What a beautiful miracle, and your Lauren is precious. I enjoyed reading about her and about how God has blessed your lives through each other.

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