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Monday, April 30, 2007

He Heals Our Brokenhearts

I was talking with a friend once about the battle that takes place in our mind and thoughts.

I had been struggling with depression and discouragement.

I told her how I had forgiven someone, but I could not seem to get past the pain. I knew that in my heart I had forgiven, I was even able to see that person and not have anger in my heart. So why was I still hurting?

I was praying on a regular basis for God to reveal to me if there was more that I needed to do in the situation, but it seemed I was without direction. Did I really forgive them? Was I just fooling myself? I didn’t think so, but still I couldn’t get past it.

My friend spoke to me from the heart of God, she said ‘I think you have forgiven, you’re not doing anything wrong, but it sounds like you need healing from a broken heart.

Psalms 147:3
3 He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.

I knew right when she said it that it was from the heart of God.

It hit me like a fresh wind. I was so excited that I got off the phone with her right away and got alone with the Lord. I poured my heart out to Him and asked Him to heal every wound that was hurting me.

Once again I prayed for those that had hurt me and thanked God for completely healing my heart. It was wonderful! I know that He did a deep healing in my heart that day. For weeks I didn’t hurt and joy overflowed in my heart.

But, satan (lower case 's' on purpose- he gets no respect from me!) lurks and waits- he’s more patient than we are, and a day came when I had an opportunity to once again pick up the pain from the past.

As if I was rehearsing for a play, I re-enacted scenes in my mind of what this person had done, how I would respond and what they might say. Before I knew what was happening, the hurt started to creep back in. This time though was different than all the rest, because I knew that God had healed me and I realized that satan was trying to get me to fall back into that pit of pain and depression.

I stood my ground and started to pray. I cast those thoughts out of my head and thanked the Lord for healing my broken heart.

2 Cor 10:5
bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ

I believe that I could have fallen into that pit and started the horrible cycle of pain all over again if I would have continued on that thought pattern. I am so thankful that the Holy Spirit helped me recognize that attack.
He will do the same for you.

God is so good!


Holly said...

Amen!! I always think of what Beth Moore did once in a video...pointing to her heart over and over to God wihtout a word. Sometimes we hurt like that, so deeply we cannot express it in words.

Oh but may we let Him do the work and not ever take on the pain that satan would like us to hold on to...he's after my destruction for sure.

May God continue to do the good work in us, even using these pains, to help others not go there, becoming even more a foe of satan..and take back some ground from him.
Have a wonderful day in the Lord, friend...may He bless you with many blessings,

Natalie Joy said...

What a beautiful word of encouragement. We all have been hurt and many of us don't know how to release that to the Lord. Thanks.

Susan said...

I was instantly reminded of 1 Peter 5:8: Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (NIV).

Way to stand up against him (with Help, of course!).

Toni said...

See Sue, this is exactly why I nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award. Yes, I realize you were just recently nominated. Still, I couldn't resist sharing your blog with others. The thing is, I have no doubt it (being nominated) will occur over and over because you really have a beautiful gift. Thank you for your incredibly wise words today. I learn SO much from you and I'm so glad to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

ok i think of beth moore's words, too - the words that told us to go and "tell on that person to Jesus." i did that a few months ago. and he really does heal the brokenhearted. he wants to hear our cries.

Praise and Coffee said...

Apparently I need to hear Beth's teaching on this- I love all her stuff but haven't heard this one yet.
Which teaching is it on?

I love all your input!

Toni, you are so sweet! Thank you.

Theresa said...

I will second Toni's post. I've enjoyed each visit I've had here at Praise and Coffee AND you always have a word of encouragement for me.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I know that when my hubby and I finished marriage counseling and our marriage was "born again" (if you will) - our counselor (and now beloved friend) reminded us that when things seem to be going back to the way they used to be - that it did notm mean that we had not really received a was a wonderful opportunity to recognize it, resist the enemy and continue to walk in the victory that God has given us!

This was a great reminder of that!

Monkey Giggles said...

I just love the title of this post. Your words encourage my heart.

Rhonda said...

Excellent post Sue!! I'm sure many of us will be blessed through this one. Reminding us how to release forgiveness is the gateway to freedom in Christ.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

Oh, I have faced this same struggle and what a good word (Psalm 147:3) your friend gave you.
Those thoughts and old feelings do try and creep back in, but it is "taking every thought captive" where the battle is won. But I have noticed the sting of it all becomes less and less. (does that make sense?)

Thank you for your comments over at CWO. You have hit a nerve on the whole area of loneliness in the life of a minister's wife. A whole post (or maybe a week of posts) could be devoted to this topic.

Roo said...

oh sue! this post was right from the heart of God to me. i am going through a very similar struggle right now...and i am SICK of the cycle. i too struggle with thoughts, "did i really forgive?" i thought i did...what is going on? i get so confused because i want to be real and yet not "keep it alive" and yet still affects me. ALOT. even thought the offence happenned 10 years ago.

THANK YOU for sharing this. i needed to read it. TODAY. right now. love you sue. you are a blessing. xoxo shalom friend.

Kathy said...

Hi Sue!
I love this one...I'm "the friend" in the story but I want to give God all the glory for what He did in your heart that day!!!
I saw that you asked where Beth Moores teaching is on this subject. During that aweful season of my life-that you were helping me thru-I was doing Beth Moores Breaking Free workbook. Week 5 is all about "binding up the broken hearted".
Isnt it amazing, though, you were really reaching out to me that day on the phone, and God met your needs! He's awesome-and I just want to say ladies, NEVER GIVE UP! Seek Him, He always hears the rightous as they cry out, and He will deliver you, as He has done me also.
Joyce Meyers has alot of great stuff, too, on emotional healing...but let the H.S. be your guide. Love, the friend

Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks "friend"!!

God is so wonderfully faithful, we've definitely seen that in both our lives.

Amber said...

Thank you SO much for sharing, you have no idea how much you have touched my heart, even to the point that you've brought tears to my eyes.

God Bless,

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