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Monday, March 8, 2010

Be A Woman Inspired!

I'm so excited and completely humbled to be a part of the line-up for this conference! I look forward to connecting with lots of new (and familiar) girlfriends!

I'll be on Thursday, March 18th at 9:30 EST.

My speaking topic:
“Never Stop Dancing to the Song in Your Head” ~ Pressing on when giving up sounds easier!

Based on a book Sue’s been working on, she’ll talk about what to do when
life shakes you up. Disappointment, change and pain can sweep into our life at unsuspecting moments and our response is crucial.

This session will discuss the importance of our relationship with God in the midst of our storms and how He walks us through the darkest times. He’s our comfort, our strength, our stability and also the One who helps us forgive when revenge seems much more appropriate.

God has great plans for us ladies, it’s time to start dancing again!

Tickets available today.

A Woman Inspired – Get Revived
March 15-19 2010

This conference is all about giving you a spiritual dose of adrenaline because we all need it sometimes. Maybe you are concerned about your calling or perhaps you are afraid to begin walking toward what God has for you. Maybe your faith has taken a nose dive and you need to be pointed back in the direction of our Lord, Jesus. Or, it could be that you just need someone to tell you that it is okay that you failed but you need to get back up! It happens to all of us.

This event’s speaker line-up is phenomenal. These are some great women of God, humble enough to serve and strong enough to stand up and proclaim His word to all who are in need of hearing it. This conference is for any woman in need of revival in her spirit.

What you can expect for only $12.95:

•Live sessions, entirely online, with some of the Christian community’s most popular speakers and authors.
•Free access to download and save the MP3’s from all the sessions, as well as all the handouts, chat logs, and/or presentations.
•Participation in real-time question and answer sessions with all of your favorite speakers.
•Lots of downloadable swag as well as entries to win some great prizes!
•The opportunity to make some new life-long friends and experience some fun and fellowship.

Here's a list of speakers
Deidra Hughes, Deidra
Mary Snyder,
Belinda Bullard, Blessed Heritage
Mandy Young, with special guest Candace Cameron Bure
Lisa McKay, The Preacher’s Wife
Kelly Minter,
Dena Dyer,
Shelly Ballestero, Beauty By God
Marsha Harwood, Marsha’s Musings
Kathy Butryn, The Heart Change Place
Lori MacMath, All You Have to Give
Tiffany Stuart, Tea with Tiffany
Kristen Schiffman, Exemplify Online
Sue Cramer, Praise and Coffee
Joy Trachsel,
Alisa Wagner, Faith Imagined
Lisa Shaw, Lisa Shaw Ministries
Andrea Mitchell, Under Grace and Over Coffee
Leigh Gray,
Angela Parsley, Refresh My Soul Ministries

Here is a direct link to the SCHEDULE.

Click here to register and follow links to each ministry: A Woman Inspired


Unknown said...

Looks really good :)Congrats on being a speaker for it.

Tea with Tiffany said...

Look forward to hearing you and being a part of what God is doing next week!

Love the Decor! said...

Sounds Like an amazing conference and I love the topics!! Congrats on the honor You will be a blessing to all who hear you!!

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