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Sunday, February 28, 2010

When the Message Gets Muddy with My Wounds

I hate it when His message gets muddied in my wounds.

Ever been there?

The raw pain in your heart comes pouring out like a muddy swamp and shows how very little you really do trust His love.

And that's ok. God can take it.

God isn't disappointed or mad, He loves us. He wants us to drag those hurts to Him and unload them. Then fall, once again, into the arms that are always waiting to embrace us.

I was looking at one of my scars the other day. It reminds me of the circumstances and injury that caused the ugly slash on my arm. It doesn't hurt anymore, but I remember the pain that it once was.

It kind of works like that when we let God heal our hurts. The scars are
there, and if reminded we can tell the story of how they were inflicted. But
once healing takes place...even though we remember how bad it hurt, the sting of pain is gone.

For that reason, I love my scars.
They don't hurt anymore, but they remind me of a time when I did hurt. A time when the hurt was so real I was bleeding all over everything in sight. I've learned a few things since then.

1. I will avoid putting my fist through plate-glass windows.
2. I will avoid putting my faith in man instead of God.

Plate glass windows are unforgiving and man is...well...faulty to say the least (myself included).

When we grasp how much He loves us, we heal. Healing has a way of wiping the mud off the message.
Thank You Lord.


sharon brobst said...

Thank you my friend. I needed the reminder that others struggle too... the enemy wants us to think that we are the only one who sometimes allow their wound to muddy the truth.

Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks Sharon, this has been on my heart lately with some friends going through some very tough times and trying not to let that cloud their judgement.

I've been there! It can be so hard to remember that others need forgiveness and grace just as much as we do, especially when we are hurting. That the message of the cross is consistent even when our hearts are hurting.

I hope that's the message I got across in this post, when I re-read it I wasn't sure that came through! :)

Blessings friend!

Mary Jo said...

I think of the Point of Grace song, "Heal the Wounds" The chorus says, "Heal the wounds but leave the scar - a reminder of how merciful You are. I am broken, torn apart. Take the pieces of this heart - heal the wounds but leave the scar."


Rose said...

Great analogy...the scars and how we remember them after the pain is gone!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

You continue to shower me with the blessing of your friendship, your heart for God, and the words you share with so many others.

What a great word for today...thank you!

Melissa <3

Denise Miller Holmes said...

The scar ... great analogy. Someone once told me that she recovered from her shame when she fully believed that He loves her no matter what she did (or does). Fully understanding His love for us is the most healing and freeing thing ever. Thanks for this post, Sue.

Praise and Coffee said...

I believe with everything in me that our freedom hinges on our belief in His love and acceptance of us.
It is crucial to healing!!
Thanks for commenting..

everyone- hop over to her blog, it's really good!

Lisa said...

That is the second time this week I have heard those word's "Thats ok God can take it" I think I need to take it to heart. When God wants me to "GET" something he SHOWS me things in repartition, I will see the same message many times in a very short span of time, and its not that I am looking for them they pop up every where...

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