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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look in the Puddle and Remind Yourself


Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we get so crazy busy with life that we forget. Sometimes the noise of the crowd overwhelms the still small voice and we forget.

I think David did too.
I think that's exactly why he wrote these words in Psalm 103:1-2:

"Praise the LORD, I tell myself;
with my whole heart, I will praise
His holy name.
Praise the LORD, I tell myself,
and never forget the good
things He does for me."

I think he stood at his bathroom mirror as he shaved one morning and said those words because he realized that he was forgetting the most important part of being alive.

Ok, maybe he was out in a field somewhere looking down into a puddle at his reflection. But either way, he understood that sometimes we need to get after ourselves to remember because forgetting comes all too easy.

What does this have to do with marriage?

Some of you are tired, you're battle weary...wishing, waiting for that breakthrough. Wanting your marriage to be like hers, and hers and his.

But you've forgotten the barriers that have already come down. The testimonies you once raved about and how good God has been on the journey.

It's time to remember.
To look yourself in the puddle and remind your heart how faithful God has been.

You may not be where you would like to be, but you are so far from where you were.

Celebrate that.
Thank Him, praise Him.

And like a warm breeze on a spring afternoon you'll be refreshed again. The winter months are behind you. It's time to remember, time to forgive, time to quiet the roar of life and start living.

One day at a time, praising Him for the good things He has done.


Unknown said...

I love this Sue! Absolutely brilliant and such a good reminder. Thank you.

TammieFay said...

You are absolutely right. Thank you, Sue for the reminder!

Rose said...

Amen to not being where I once was! Good post!

Beverly said...

Thank you Sue! Seems I only tell you the "negatives", but YES! God has gotten us far from were we where!!! So Far!!! and for this I PRAISE HIM!

Love the Decor! said...

Great advice to start the day with!
~hope your week is off to a wonderful start~

Pam said...

I don't know what to say... I think I am going to go write & then I'll let you know what I wrote & link this post back to you... sigh... thanks for being there... for pulling me out of the puddle last night... when you really didn't have to make that effort. I am blessed to call you my newest friend!

Praise and Coffee said...

I am so glad we talked last night Pam. Your story is amazing and so is our God right in the middle of it! I am so glad to have made a new friend in you.

Lisa said...

I needed this. I have been cranky, critical, and not nice to be around and it was speading, hub's had gotten my attitude and I asked him why he was in a fowl. After a few deep breaths he said, well if you arent happy no one is happy and I am tired. I took that to heart and thought long and hard to the reasons I had been to "Un fun" I took the time to tell my family I was sorry and changed my attitude and amzingly everyone else's attitude followed suit. I praised God for his Mercy and Grace and forgivness and how he blessed me with a hubby who forgave me too.

Praise and Coffee said...

Lisa, thanks for being so transparent, I know it helps us all to realize we're not the only ones going through this.

So glad that you were able to receive those words from your hubby!
It shows your character! :)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

My pastor recently did a series of thankfulness. Your point mirrors some of his.

Thanks for your post.

Susan :)

Laurel said...

Just came over from Pam's blog. She's been a dear Bloggy Friend for a very long time. I'm so glad that she has a new twitter friend.

I so look forward to reading more of your blog, and finding out about your ministry.

mama of 13 (ministry website) (family blog)

Joyeful said...

This is beautiful! I just popped over from Internet cafe devotions and I've so enjoyed your devotions : )

Karen said...

WOW. Such a timely message. I've been focusing on the issues that never seem to get resolved and that results in so much frustration and misery. In fact, there are so many things for which I am thankful, that I really just need to change my focus. Even if the situation doesn't change, my perspective can! Thank you.

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