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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Underlying Anger


We may not think about the issue everyday, but it's there. That thought pattern that plays over and over in our minds. A cruel word or action, a lack of sensitivity on the part of someone that should be very sensitive of our feelings.

Underlying anger can paralyze our ability to function as a healthy person. It often stems from feeling fearful and helpless or just frustrated about not getting our way in a situation.

Often underlying anger is lurking in our marriages. We can pretend it's not there, but the cutting comments and quick rebuttals prove it's presence.

Instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away in your marriage, I encourage you to choose forgiveness.

Forgiving is not forgetting, but it is letting go of the pain. Choosing to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. We don't forgive others because they deserve it, we forgive out of obedience and faith, trusting that God is smarter than we are.

Matt 18:21-22
21 Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?"
22 Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

Lord, You know how much _____(this person or event)____ has been hurting me, please help me to forgive. As I lay this offense at Your feet, I confess Your words from Mark 11:25 "And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins" and I receive the forgiveness You promise me.
Thank you Lord for setting me free!

I'm praying for our marriages,


Anonymous said...

Great blog! I grew up in an angry household. When I married, I swore no matter what I will not scream at my husband and I will love him even in the hard times. Our marriage is so blessed. God really used my past for the good of my future.

Heather C said...

I used to think this was easy... forgiving and letting go of anger. And then something HUGE happened in my marriage and anger was not only the natural response... it was one no one would fault me for. In some respects it was righteous anger, but the Lord is showing me that it doesn't matter. For the sake of my marriage, I have to let go of it and give it to the Lord. Trust is a difficult thing to regain once broken. Incredibly difficult. And yet the Lord asks me to place my heart, not only in His hands, but also to give it to my husband once again. It leaves me feeling vulnerable, and completely inadequate... but perhaps that's exactly where the Lord wants us to be. Now I am completely dependent upon Him, and as I move forward in forgiveness and trust, I'm resting in His faithfulness and learning to take it moment by moment. Forgiveness is a daily choice. It doesn't just happen, and it's not necessarily a feeling... it's a willful decision to move past the hurt and work toward unity, in spite of the past. The Lord is showing Himself mighty in my marriage. I'm in awe of Him, and of the way He is transforming our lives... together. Hallelujah.

Great post, Sue! (as always)

LauraLee Shaw said...

This should resonate with a good number of people. Great insights, Sue.

amy & lisa said...

Great post once again. Thanks for all you share. :)

Scarlet said...

I was just chatting with a friend about this very thing. Interesting how I always pop in at times like these.

Thanks for being here, girl friend.

Cherie said...

I love this post. I wrote a devotion on this very issue a couple months ago on Praying Wives. It is so important that we forgive our husbands. Neither of us are perfect. I have seen Bill's heart change through my forgiveness. I've also seen him grow in his walk with God and become more confident in his abilities.

God does some powerful things in our husbands when we choose to Forgive!!

I look forward to your post each Tuesday Sue!

Thanks.. :o)

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