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Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Praise and Coffee Giveaway!

I can hardly believe I wrote AUGUST!!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer, sorry I have not been blogging much, I've been outside playing a lot!


This month's Praise is this devotional on praise:

You'll also get "Praise and Coffee" label coffee!!
You're going to love it!

PLUS, our good friends at Bayview Cards are giving you a beautifully handmade box of cards!


~> Post a comment to THIS post telling me if you took a vacation this year...where did you go, and did the economy affect your choice??

~> Please make sure that I have a way to contact you-PLEASE!

~> If you have one of my "Praise and Coffee Giveaway" buttons on your blog, let me know and you will be entered twice. Here is a link to all my buttons: Blog Buttons


JJ said...

Well, we are going in August to the mountains in Georgia. We enjoy hiking and going to the waterfalls. We may head up to Rock City as well.


JJ said...

I added one of your buttons on LHD under Christian. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

We haven't taken a vacation this year...yet. We hope to later, maybe next month to celebrate our anniversary!

I have your "Praise and Coffee Giveaway" buttons on my blogs sidebar

Kristina said...

No vacations for husband is still out of work :( Some free coffee would be great though! LOL

I also have your button on my blog

He & Me + 3 said...

We went to Virginia to visit my In laws and the beach. No the economy did not affect our choice. I hate to travel, but we visit them when we can. We did alot more fun things this year as a family because they are getting to old to do anything, but they still love us to come and visit and bring the kids down.

Kim said...

My husband, daughter and I went to Indiana for a reunion. We met up with 9 of the 15 families we traveled to China with three and a half years ago. It was such a great time! I don't have a button on my blog but your link is under the heading "Blogs that inspire".

Kim P.

Grandma Nancy said...

Went to Indiana for a few days, just shopping and hanging out. We had our precious grandaughter Lauren for a week-end at our lake, and that was a wonderful time.

Peggy Lee said...

Happy August-we are planing some time away the second week this month. With summer camps for our girls, my husband busy schedule for work, and lack of extra funds, we are taking a week not really going away, but we are taking day trips, and Lee and I are getting away for one night for ourselves. Your blog has helped our marriage. And Yes I added one of your buttons to my blog- thanks again I would love some coffee, and gifts.
Peggy lee
White Mountains of NH

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks for to chance for these goodies! We drove from East Texas to Milwaukee, WI. We visited family. You could say the economy pacted the trip...Hubby got laid off. So since he had some "free time", we took the trip. God blessed the trip and hubby was renewed and revived for upcoming trials .

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

I added one of your buttons to my sidebar. I have a the buttons scrolling on my right sidebar. I added yours, just now. :-)

Thena said...

Just a short weekend, if you call that a vacation. But it was just me and my three daughters and granddaughter. We spent the 4th of July weekend at St. Simons Island, Georgia. Was only affordable because the beach house we stayed in belongs to my oldest daughters in-laws.

The Whites said...

we went to the beach here in Guatemala back in April to celebrate our 13th anniversary! it was wonderful!

Erin Lowmaster said...

We are heading to the Oregon coast in a few weeks! Very excited as this will be my second trip there! We are also going to be going the aquarium which I know my 14 month old daughter will love!

ellybean (at) connected2christ (dot) com

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Ok, after I added your button, I realized my sidebar button scroll thing is all kaddy- wompus (I am sure that word is in the dictionary.) Anyway, I will be working on that today, and by end of day... your button and all my other peep's buttons will be back on my sidebar...
Just didn't want you to think I said I did it and then didn't. That would not be cool. :-)

Donnetta said...

We went camping. While on our trip we toured a cave and did some hiking.

The economy didn't affect our decision but an adoption and our budget did. :-)

What a nice giveaway.

Amrita said...

I don 't go for vacations Sue, but the Lord gives me times of fellowship with other Christians which is like a vacation

SunnySusan said...

Hi Sue from the happiest place on earth...yes, we are at Disneyland..this is our vacation and to celebrate our daughter's 12 did she get so old...we didn'

Yes, I have your button on my blog...blessings to your family....

Cathy said...

No vacation, just staying home, but enjoying it ~ Thanks for your nice giveaways ~

Margie said...

Our family spent a week at a beach house with another family at the Outer Banks.

The boys fished, surfed, played baseball, the men cooked barbeque and played golf & the gals read books on the beach & went shopping.

Everyone had a FUN time.

I put your button on my 'moments' blog sidebar.


Anonymous said...

No vacation for me - stayed home and read alot.
Love the giveaway.
Nancy in NC

Amy said...

We haven't went away this summer, BUT we did go away in January. (Mexico)
We will be doing a few day trips here and there this month. IF the weather cooperates.

Mary Lou said...

We had a short week end get away for anniversary....not planning much else.Too many other things that need to be done to spend the money for a vacation this year. Thanks for this opportunity.


Sweetpeas said...

We're going to Indiana to visit my husband's grandparents and other family & friends the end of this month. Economy hasn't really affected us, we live economically no matter what.

Anonymous said...

No, not 'really' a vacation, but we did go to FL last month--our daughter was got married on the beach(I blogged about it). It was beautiful!
Please enter me twice-your button is on the side :)

Just Mom said...

The economy (and therefore very low ticket prices) made it possible for us to visit my parents in Hawaii this summer (I'm actually still here and will be heading back to reality tomorrow morning).

We're also meeting up with my hubby's parents and brothers in Oregon in about a week.

Sydney said...

I spent my vacation time with my sister taking care of our dad who was just diagnosed with cancer. He was given 1-3 months and lived one. My sister & I were both able to spend most of that month with him. He passed away about 10 days ago at age 60 from lung cancer. Now I'm back home. I plan to spend the next few weekends hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing with my husband, daughter, son & daughter-in-law.

Sydney said...

I have your button on my blog too! :)

Valerie Stills said...

We had planned a trip to Washington, DC for a week. Camping with my brother in law and seeing Washington with the kids. However, my hours were cut out completely for over a month just before we were to go so the money went to bills instead. We did get to spend 3 nights at a local campground this last weekend where it rained almost the entire time.

So we did get a "mini-vacation" and still had fun eventhough it wasn't our first choice.

Robin said...

We are going to a conference this weekend. In May we went to visit friends and family because dh had a speaking engagement. But we aren't taking a big vacation this summer mainly because we just moved in Feb and are still settling in.

I also added your blog button to my blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog today.

Marlene said...

I have enjoyed your blog. I also have your button on my blog.

windycindy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
windycindy said...

Hi, My husband has had to travel overseas for his work, so our family is not taking a vacation this summer!
We do a lot of family activities together, though. Your praise devotion book, coffee and set of lovely cards are all wonderful!
I enjoy starting my day by reading
a devotional. Please count me in!
Many thanks.....Cindi

Karen said...

We didn't take an "official" summer vacation. However, we did take a trip to my parent's house which I called our summer vacation. We had a great time!

I already have your Praise and Coffee Monthly Giveaway button on my blog.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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