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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Worship Accident

Have you ever had a worship accident?
I have, let me explain.

The other morning I was reading and writing at my computer, no big deal, seemed fairly safe. But see, I have worship music playing in the background. This is where the it gets dangerous.

So there I am reading an article online and the music builds to a powerful part where it says.
"Majesty, Majesty Jesus Lamb of God!" and at that moment I throw my arms up to praise Him. But I forget that I had set up a new lamp so that I could do my Bible study without turning on the main room light.
And there you have it- arms flying up in the air to worship, hand slamming into said lamp and whammo- broken finger nails.

It really put a damper on my worship. I'm sure it was satan :)

But then it occured to me. How do I explain this to Janice, my nail tech???
I don't know if she will understand what it means to have a worship accident.
I could always make something up.

I'll bet they don't wear acrylic nails in the throne room. Good thing.

Here is the song that started it all.
I'm warning you, clear an area before you listen.


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

See, that single line after your big crescendo where the audience sings the one line alone - those moments grab my heart, make me suck in my breath, and tear up WAY more! LOL

Praise and Coffee said...

I agree, so powerful! And if I was paying attention to the song I would have been right there with you and the tears, but it didn't hit me till it built up because I was reading something else.

Love it either way. :)

Anonymous said...


I love this song!! But one thing I noticed in watching the video is that Darlene clearly doesn't have acrylic nails...

Seems to me that Darlene is well aware of the possibility of a "worship accident" and she has just eliminated the possibility of explaining it to her nail tech! :)

Have an beautiful day, friend!


Praise and Coffee said...

Good point Dori! Maybe for the sake of everyone's safety I need to re-think these nails :)

Nate and Brenda said...

I love that song!! Glad you were not hurt worse!

What a great thing to tell your nail tech! She make think it strange but you just got a great witness opportunity and if she does know Jesus you both got a great laugh!!

Anonymous said...

I love it when God surprises us in the midst of our daily stuff with a glimpse of His majesty. May we all be so blessed to be open to those moments, whenever they come, even if we have some 'splainin' to do to others.

By the way, I've gotten away from listening to worship music while writing. Thanks for the reminder!

Smelling Coffee said...

I've never thought about calling it a "worship accident" before - but I've had a few "mishaps" that I've chalked up more to being on the "ungraceful" side... like when I had my eyes closed and my hands up one day in my kitchen and ran myself into the refrigerator...then in the midst of this serious worship, I burst out laughing with the Lord...

So glad He has a sense of humor and delights in us - worship accidents and all!

beckyjomama said...

I once took out a three year old praising! She looked at me from hte floor and said "mom, you dance hard!" Too funny

Anonymous said...

Of course that nasty enemy wanted to distract you from your praise and worship time. I'd be pointing that broken nail right in his face and saying "HA, who cares!"

Hopefully your lamp was fine. You go girl. Keep lifting Him higher! Our God reigns.

Victoria said...

Great story...and a great song! I've got to find more of her work...or God's work through her! =]

Rhonda said...

Full-contact-worship can be so very dangerous :)

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! I knew there was a reason we conservative Baptists don't raise our hands in worship!! Or if we do, it's sort of stealthy with no danger of knocking things over... :)


Praise and Coffee said...

Love your stories!

Full contact worship- that's hysterical!

Mel said...

Love the song...your description is great..full contact worship LOL

Beth Herring said...

Too funny. I can just see you now with hands up toward heaven and the lamp flying.. I play the flute at church during praise and worship and that is the only downfall (if there could be one). I can't praise Him with my hands lifted! So I kinda do a "body Praise" and sway while i am playing.

In His Redeeming Love,
Beth Herring

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing the song that caused it all. I enjoyed it. I know the Lord was pleased with your worship, but had to chuckle too. :)

lynnmosher said...

LOL! See, this is why I can only listen to instrumentals while I'm on the computer. I get way too involved in the words! I loved this post. It's actually very thought provoking. May you use this to witness to your nail tech. Mr. Meany is beaten again! God will use it. Blessings...Lynn

Anonymous said...

Can I laugh at the "worship accident"? Oh, well, I am! It is too funny!
I was in the church choir when mine happened. We were lifting our hands in praise during the crescendo part of the song. I put my hand right in one of the other choir member's face and their hand went up in front of mine. No one was hurt; it made for a good laugh, though!
Sue, maybe you can use this for a witness moment to your nail tech?
Miriam :)

Anonymous said...

Sue, I love any music Darlene sings! Praise music moves my spirit right into the Lord's throne room!
Miriam :)

stargardener ★ said...

Selah ... Blessings to you! I needed an afternoon pick-me up! Proof that He works ALL things for good. (Hope your manicure has recovered.) ♥

Unknown said... funny! I'm in my car a lot for my job and I frequently find the Holy Spirit reminding me to open my eyes when I'm listening and singing along to praise music!

Unknown said...

You are so funny! The only worship accident I've had is when I drink coffee in bed, while I'm doing my quiet time...and I spill it! That's not quite as good as yours though!!! (:

Laura said...

Sue - I have had a worship accident. Mine involved a treadmill, a glass of water and my headset.

I didn't break any nails but I'm sure glad no one else was in the room!

Praise and Coffee said...

You guys are so much fun!
Laura, I've had a few close calls with the treadmill too!

Fran said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Not the accident so much but the song is amazing!! Girl..those nails will get fixed! :) Praise on!!!!

Love ya,

Jenifer said...

I have so done that before! I split coffee ALL over the place making a huge mess. But, it was SO worth it!!

candypb said...

So funny!!! I've heard of people wacking eachother in their faces at church as well. "Worship an get real intence"

Cathy said...

That is cute, Sue. I thought you were going to say you broke the lamp. I love Darlene and that song is wonderful. I will have to post it on my "Then Sings My Soul Saturday."

Ta-Dah Mom said...

The same thing happens when I think Ta-Dah! Have you ever been driving your car when one of those "really get down on the knees and worship at the throne of God" songs come on, and you close your eyes?

Love your blog!

Praise and Coffee said...

Oh yes! I'll be driving down the road just thanking Him and bawling my eyes out. I'm sure people think I'm having a nervous breakdown! LOL.


Holly said...

I had a worship-get-out-of-a-ticket moment in college.

Larnelle Harris was playing and I was singing and not noting my speed.

I got pulled over and the officer asked if I knew I was speeding. Then he asked why I didn't. So I told him.

God bless Larnelle Harris!

Debbie Petras said...

You are too funny! Look out; when Sue worships nails and lamps go flying. Great song though.

Norma said...

I love those songs that make you drop whatever you are doing, lift your hands and worship our loving Lord. I was painting when the song Mighty to Save was took me twice as long to finish the job...this is good to know, I have acrylic nails too:0)

Angela Baylis said...

I needed to hear this song tonight! You are SO cute... loved your story!
One of these days I want to meet you in person for real... You are my kind of girlfriend!
Angie xoxo

Heather C said...

Whoooooooops! There goes my coffee! :) GREAT song!

"Worship Accident"... I love it!

MJ said...

If you are going to break a nail, I can't think of a better way to do it!!!!


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