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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tonights the Night

Well, tonight's the night girls!
The first Praise and Coffee Night in my hometown.

The most important thing you need to know about tonight...
I'll be wearing jeans.
Seriously, I've had a few calls, and I want you to know-that's what I'm wearing.
It is a casual night, jeans are perfectly acceptable.

Feather boas however are optional!

(You really don't want to ever google the words
"feather boa" it was awful. My eyes hurt.)

Unfortunately, it looks like we will be wading through snow to get there, but I'm not too worried about it. I've been in Women's Ministry long enough to know that women will walk over a bed of nails to have a night out.
However, for those of you traveling a distance to get here...I want you to be safe- so use discernment and don't do anything foolish- there will be more Nights out.... (my next one is January 15th).

I can't begin to tell you how much God has moved to bring this evening together- really- I want to share, but I can't share everything- just trust me! His favor is incredible!!!!
And apparently this is something that our community of women has been hungry for. I have over 60 RSVP's. We even had to reserve the banquet room above the coffee shop to fit us all.

Here's an article from the Hometown Gazette.

I am hearing over and over... "I need this"... or "I need something."

My prayer for these evenings is that every single woman walking in will sense God's presence and love throughout the evening, and be strengthened and encouraged as she goes.

"Come as you are...leave refreshed!"

If you can make it tonight, great! If you are hearing about this last minute and didn't RSVP, come on out anyway.

Also, Florida gals are meeting tonight too. Click on the picture link for details of both groups.

Not close to either of these? Start you own!
Whether you have 3 people or 300. Meet at a coffee shop, share the praises of God and see what God does in your midst- I have a feeling it will be wonderful!!!!
It could be you and your girlfriends or you could do what I did and invite the community and several different churches. Pray about what God would have you do.
I have talked to at least 10 other women that are planning on starting them around the country. God is up to something wonderful, He's bringing His women together!

Matt 18:20
For where two or three come together in My name,
there am I with them.

I'll try to post pictures and give you updates this weekend.
I would love it if you pray for us!
Much love,


Kimberlymac said...

Lord Jesus, bless this night of You, Women, Praise and Coffee! Be a the center of it! Draw women together and be the life of the fellowship that they might get to know one another, encourage one another and point each other to You. Thank you Jesus! AMEN!

Smelling Coffee said...

Can't believe the week has flown by so quickly! I will be praying for all of you girls tonight, and in Fl. and will pray in agreement with what you have prayed - that they will leave refreshed! May the Lord do an incredible work in every heart tonight!


Praise and Coffee said...

OH, thank you so much, I could just cry!

Victoria said...

I'm excited with you! I know you'll all find rest in the Lord tonight and I hope you find hope in one another, too!

I'd love to start one here in do I sign up? Or do I just take the idea and run with it? =]

Praise and Coffee said...

Take the idea and run with it! :)

Let me know dates and location and I will post it on my schedule.
I'd really like for the women coming to these nights to know where it all began and how we are all connected in this!

I think I will be setting up a website for just these evenings and testimony's etc.

Keep in touch!

Victoria said...

The website is a great idea..and a great way to find a group near you. I think you've started something ONEderful here!!!!

Jenifer said...

Sue, this is so great! I am praying about doing this where I live. Coffee, friends gathered, and Jesus- how much better can it get!?! I've contacted Victoria in hopes that she and I live close enough to one another to maybe do this together.

Have a great night!

Paul said...


Indeed I will be praying for the meeting this evening!

Like I shared on twitter, as the Mayor of Starbucks :-) it will be an honor to pray for you all.

Been involved with a coffee cup ministry for nearly five years. There is not a day, that the Lord does not brings someone into my life to listen too, to encourage or exhort.



Sherrylinn said...

How I wish I were close enough to come! I pray the Lord blesses all of you with great fellowship!

Cathy said...

That is so neat, Sue. I hope you all have a wonderful evening of Fellowship.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there, Have a great time!! Blessings:)

Roo said...

wish i could join you guys.

Sandy said...

Great post and encouragement to others. Let us know how it goes! So awesome Sue! ♥

candypb said...

I'm praying for your evening to be a blessing to everyone that comes. I am really feeling a urge to start a coffee praise night in my home town. I could see it doing a lot for many peole in my life.

candypb said...

I just read one of your comments. I think it would be such a great idea to start a site filled with testamonies. I feel like they can reach people in such a personal way. God Bless you for being such a caring person.

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