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Sunday, February 13, 2011

I told you I was not a night owl

So my husband's watching 3 different shows which is not unusual but tonight I would like to watch the Grammys and check out all the dresses and raw meat that might be worn.
He's not interested.
Currently we're watching the logging people cut down trees.
They just had a near miss that almost took the life of some young man but he narrowly escaped.

So I thought I would ramble on about nothing blog.

Many of you know that I'm a morning person. Which may sound mildly impressive with the whole "she rises before dark" thing hanging over our heads, but at 9 pm it's pretty pathetic.

I put Lauren to bed at 8 and then go back up the stairs three times for the usual questions:
1. What day is tomorrow?
2. Where's Macy? (the dog that sleeps with her every night but somehow always disappears at 7:45)
3. Is the monitor on?

After that, I am spent. If there is a fourth call for me, I almost start to cry. I'm just sure that the long walk up the stairs will be more than my legs can carry me and I will tumble to the bottom in a tired heap.

Which makes this post a dangerous thing to do. I'm curently only operating on 3 brain cells, and they've been worn to the edges today by Lauren's constant coughing and questions.

She asked me all day long if she has a cough OR if she was sick. Which is it?
And because I know that if I say she is sick, it will instantly become a much bigger deal, I try to stick with, "you just have a cough." To which she replied, "so am I sick?"

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

So I rubbed Vicks into her chest, filled her vaporizer and tucked her in.

Tomorrow's a big day.
No, not Valentines, the carpenter's are finishing my pantry re-do.
Currently I have everything from my walk-in pantry displaced all over my kitchen counters and table. Not sure why but we had this overwhelming need to put custom shelving in all our mainfloor closets. It will be a great feeling when it's all done. But for now, it's just looks like I should be on Hoarders.

Ow. I just rubbed my eye. Vicks.

Speaking of Valentines. What a terrible time for me to be on a sugar fast. Ugh.
You may not want to talk to me tomorrow, I plan to be quite bitter about the whole situation.

Yes, I know. It was my decision. But it is starting to feel like a poorly timed decision.

My dear friend and trainer Casie (check out her brand new blog) is set on getting me healthier. First she encouraged me to start running and then she tricked me convinced me of the benefits of fasting from sugar for a couple weeks. Really, she's sweet and I love her bunches, but sometimes I wish I could be right...that chocolate cures all.

Speaking of chocolate.
Spring is coming.

I can not wait.
But I am a litte concerned about my gardens this year. When I say gardens, I mean flowers. Every year I think I might plant a vegetable garden but the garden fairies beg me not to make them watch it die an agonizing death.

I'm concerned about the newest addition to our family. Zoey.
She is our 5 month old German Shepherd. When she was 2 mos old she dug through the snow to my tulip bulbs. The ones I bought at Lauren's school for a fundraiser. They were the really overly priced nice ones promising huge beautiful flowers.

Instead, they became chew toys.

Speaking of snow, I hope ours all melts this week when it warms up. They are calling for near 40 degrees! Practically summer only colder.

Well, I know this didn't make much sense but I'd better stop now. I just yawned and my vision blurred. We're watching something else now. Still no Grammys.

Have a good night and a Happy Valentines Day and if you come walking by my house with chocolate you'd better watch out. I have a 5 month old German Shepherd and will tell her you look like a tulip bulb. The rest will be history.

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