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Monday, November 23, 2009

Come on over for Black Friday!

After a wonderful Anniversary weekend (22 years!!) in Chicago, it's back to the real world and lots of office work! Thankfully (no pun intended), it's a fun week with Thanksgiving in a few days.

I rarely ever go out on Black Friday, most years I stay home and shop online. Many places offer free shipping, and many of the deals right online and I can stay in my jammies while sipping my coffee :)

If you do the same, I encourage you to stop by and do some shopping here!

I have had many offers to advertise here on Praise and Coffee, but usually decline. Recently though I found out about Home
affiliate program. And I LOVE CDB!!!

I shop there often and always pass their name on to friends. I find them very reasonably priced and easy to work with. Usually the shipping is much faster than they say it will be also.

It was an easy "YES!" to the question of offering them on my blog. I was actually looking for a "button" of theirs to post before I realized they offered the affiliate program.

SO, if you shop CBD by clicking on the links on this blog like this one Home
~ or the button in the sidebar~ I will receive credit for it and use any income generated for the ministry of Praise and Coffee!!

You don't have to enter any codes, just go to the website from this page! The codes are already entered automatically.

Many people have asked how they can help me with the ministry and here you!
Check them out for all things "Christian." Books, music, video, gifts....
(Not sure why I can't get this button to look better, but it does work.)


Thanks so much to all of you that support this ministry already with your prayers, comments and links!!
Much love,


Anonymous said...

Was planning to do some shopping there today! I will use your link... Have a great day! =)

Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you so much Kristina!!

Goosegirl said...

Happy Anniversary Sue! I am glad you had a wonderful time.

No shopping for us, but LOTS of sewing will be done on Black Friday.
I pray you have a beautiful Thanksgiving. You are a blessing.

Rose said...

Happy Anniversary! I don't get out on Black Friday especially once I started shopping online. I love it. No lines,no struggling for a parking place and best of all, like you mentioned I can do it in my jammies! Have a blessed day!


Kela said...

CBD is the BOMB!!! I'm affiliate too. My in-laws buy so much from CBD but I can't persuade them to do their shopping online! Pooh
They are of the old school of phone in orders.
Even with me telling them that it will help my kids get the homeschool curriculum they need...they wont budge.
I'm still workin' on them though. :)

Praying for much better success for your affiliate link!!


sanjeet said...

Was planning to do some shopping

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