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Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer's in full swing!

Busy, busy, busy!
We are having a good time so far this summer.

Starting with swimming lessons...

And Princess Camp!!

All ready for the ball!

Tip toe-ing through the tulips...kind of.

But don't let the dress fool you! She would much rather be riding her quad all day long!

Want to help some city kids have a good summer??
The Fresh Air Fund is looking for host families and donations.
Click here for more info:
Fresh Air Fund


Anonymous said...

How adorable... love the princess slide to driving the four wheeler!
~Hugs, HL

Amrita said...

Oooooo the little Doll Pricess is so s weet.

Desiree' said...

Amazing, she has changed so much since you have brought her home...


amy & lisa said...

What an adorable girl! Summer is so fun. I remember the days of the kids running through the sprinkler and eating Popsicles because it was so hot. Oh the memories. :)


She is definitely a princess...but gotta love that litte bit of tomboyishness in her too!


Fitter After 50 said...

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the official first day of Summer. I look forward to it all year. :)

Linda said...

This is hilarious! Such a princess yet such a tomboy! How fun to have those incorporated into one little girl.

Brittney said...

AWW... What a beautiful daughter! :)

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