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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you unforgettable?


Just a simple thought for today...
What are you doing to captivate your husband's thoughts?

I don’t want my husband walking out the door for work and forgetting about me all day, I want to be on his mind. I want him to miss me when he’s gone.

Let’s be unforgettable women!


Kela said...

A simple thought? This is far from it! :)
My husband and I really delight in each other. So much so that I blush as I type this.
One thing I try to be mindful of is that I send my husband off each morning strife free.
I don't bring up something that will cause him to be in a bad mood when he's getting ready to meet with people that could help our family.
At the same time, I may tell him that there's something that I need to talk to him about later.

Leave the remembrance of a kiss on his lips as he's walking out. Oh, he'll remember.
Sexting (sex-texting) --yeah, I went there, could do wonders for your man not forgetting you. I'm just sayin'.

Praise and Coffee said...

Kela, I love it! Thanks for the input!! :)

Jaime said...

Sue and Kela
Thanks for your insight. My hubby's work is a little stressful right now so this is so important on my part. Thanks Jaime

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

DaHubby's gone 40+ hrs/week for work and then is gone 3 nights/week for school plus two independent study classes where he's completely the work at home. We've had to work *really* hard this last year to keep connected - practically and romantically.

I *always* get up with him early regardless of our daily schedule and make him lunch and sometimes I make him a "portable" breakfast.

And, I *always* walk him to the door, wave as he pulls away, and pray for him before he makes the turn at the stop sign.

Finally, in this season of life, thank goodness for technology. Between IM at his work and texting on phones, I try to keep him "in the loop" with what we're doing daily (so he can jump in when he can carve out some time for us) and "in the heart" to remind him I'm always thinking about him.

We're finding the little stuff makes ALL the difference and makes connecting again at night (practically and otherwise) all the easier.

Mari said...

Yes - this is such a good point! Kela has some great ideas too. I want him to be anxious to see me!

Denise said...

Fun question for the day, Sue! I know you have mentioned them before but it is worth repeating...the Generous Wife Tips. I am too tired to think of anything creative, but this sure helps keep the spark! :)

Love what Kela said. I'll add to that...try not to have anything to dump on him when he gets home either. Our home may be insane when Jake gets home, but it's fun insane with all four boys and the dog and the geese etc....wait till later to say "oh, by the way, the boys were swinging on the front door and broke it off..." :) And email comes in handy here too...I try to give him a heads up before he gets bombarded. So when he gets home, he may already know the door is busted from the frame.

Loving the redecorating on your blog!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Hummm...just the simple things of a kiss good bye and I love you. I always try to greet him with a kiss too!

Praise and Coffee said...

Thanks Beth for the ideas too!

Mikes Sumondong said...

this interesting and unique. I'm single but I appreciate what you women do!

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