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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Girlfriend is Needing You!

Praise and Coffee Nights tonight...North or South take you pick!
Florida or Michigan will be hanging with the girlfriends tonight!!

For those of you that can't make it, take a few minutes today and call a girlfriend just to let her know you're thinking about her and share some just might make her day!

Eccl 4:10
If one falls down, his (or HER) friend can help him up.


He & Me + 3 said...

Wish I lived closer so I could join you all.

Faye said...


Heather C said...

My bff just got back from a week in Mexico. We spent two hours on the phone today! I missed her so much!

Wish I were closer to FL! Or MI! LOL

A Stone Gatherer said...

So sorry I couldn't come last night! My friend Jean went though, at least she was going to. Did you see that I have scheduled one for May 14th? I'll be e-mailing you for some pointers.

Linda said...

Hope it was fun. I am certain with you there it was! Happy Friday to you.

Dionna said...

I can't remember how long it's been since a girlfriend has called just to chat with me. Does that still happen??

Fitter After 50 said...

I know of a ministry that might be an encouragement to Liz. It's for children of divorced from a ministry that is about marriage restoration.

Would you have a look at this link and see if you think it might be something she'd like to have? Thanks!

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