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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The February Winner...and a serious request

And the winner is:
KM ! Congrats!
Thanks so much to all of you that entered!
I'm so excited that next month I'll be giving away
"Praise and Coffee" coffee!!
And I have a request.
I have had many responses to yesterday's post through email, etc.
They are anonymous, so I'm only posting the ones I have permission to.
There is a comment there that breaks my heart, and it represents many more that I have not posted.
I want to ask you to leave a comment on yesterday's post with some encouragment for these women who are hurting, and a promise to pray for them.
They may be going through a battle that we are not, but they are sister's in the Lord...Girlfriend's in God.
You guys are such an inspiration to me, I know you will be a blessing to them also.


Mel said...

Congrats KM!!!

Heather C said...

Congrats, KM!

Susan said...

I have never had to deal with the issue many of you are dealing with so I can't truly say "I understand" but I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is the solution and not only can, but will carry you through. Keep your eyes on Jesus, and believe He is not only ABLE but WILLING. Sometimes bad times can make a good marriage even better. I am living proof of that and just celebrated our 50th. Jesus is the only answer for all of us.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to KM

km said...

I can't even begin to put words to paper (post). I know that Our Heavenly Father longs for your healing as I do. Run to the Shelter of the MOST HIGH. He alone is our Strong Tower. I will PRAY for all of you.

Kim said...

Oh sweet, sweet sisters in the Lord. You are not alone AT ALL!! I think every woman here knows at least one other woman affected by this terrible problem.

May the Lord surround you with His peace, fill you with His strength, and shower you with His love.

Anonymous said...

I'm going through this right now & although I've felt that God had abandoned me for a time, I realize now that I was not wanting to see Him at work. Through confiding in a friend, scripture (Malachi, II Tim)showing me my stubborness & distrust of God; through books (Porn-Again Christian; Captivating; Wild at Heart) and being able to share with my husband how I still was hurting (his response was love, understanding - not defense)...I feel that I AM healing & I trust that God will continue to close that wound. I don't want this to take years. Ironically, it helps to know that others may be going through this too & it opened my eyes to see that I haven't been fully surrendering to God. I trust in Him & His purpose and I won't let Satan rob me of it! As teenagers, Satan does everything he can to get us into bed & as adults, he'll do everything he can to keep us out. Resolve to love your husband no matter what. It's obedience to God and He will bring the blessing!

Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you anonymous. Our hearts and prayers are with you and so many women strugling with this. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! Sue

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