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Monday, August 4, 2008

Home from Tennessee

We are back from 10 days at Lorretta Lynn's Ranch in Tennessee.
It is the home of the biggest amateur national race of the year.
We had so much fun and our Team Allegan boys did so good. Here are a couple of pictures of them.

Lance swept the title with 3- 1st place wins to become the fastest jr. rider in the nation!
I love this little guy!

This is my friend Kel's boy, Chase.
He won 4th place overall in the sr. class.
See that little face behind him??
Always in on the action.

My friend Karen's son, Clay, won 1st place overall in the sr. class. I was bawling my eyes out when this boy won, it was an amazing race!!

What would a post be without shots of Lauren?
This is she and my oldest Matt (in the hat) searching for crawfish in the river.

And the next one is her with a cheese stick!

It was a very HOT week! I don't know how ya'll do that heat and humidity like that, this Michigan girl just about melted!
We hung out with lots of friends and had such a great time.
Our life will be much less busy for a little while now, so I am looking forward to being home a little more.
Thanks so much to my sister-in-law Ali for keeping the posts that I set up going.
I am trying to catch up on email, comments and your blogs.
I love traveling, but it's always good to be home.
Unfortunately, I had no internet, satellite tv or phone service!! It was like we were in a black hole! :)
I really missed ya'll!


Katy said...

Looks like a fun time for all! Welcome home! :-)

concerned parent said...

I am glad you are back in Michigan again it feels good. I am glad your little racers did so great.

A Stone Gatherer said...

Welcome back! It looks like it was a great time! That little girl is living quite the life! She just goes with the flow doesn't see! Up to every adventure!

Monkey Giggles said...

Welcome home my friend. I know what ya mean we just got back from the Mountains of West Virgina. It was great to commune with God. I loved my time away but I kind of felt out of touch without news of any kind. I guess I am a news junkie.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Tennessee is a very beautiful state. I'll take the humidity over the blizzards any day (I'm originally from Canada). I'm glad you had a good time. Do you feel rested?

Just Mom said...

Well, welcome back!;

Love the photo with the cheese stick. My son does that too. :-D

Sandy said...

Welcome Home! Looks like a great time.

Larry Kollar said...

I grew up in Allegan, now living on Planet Georgia, so I think I get this "heat" thing you talk of. :-)

'Course, I'm riding my motorcycle to work these days… at 62 mpg, it's a no-brainer, and I get to stay acclimated. OK, I smell a little funny right now. I'll have to jump in the shower tonight.

Denise C said...

Congratulations to Lance, Chase & Clay!! Way to go guys...I know everyone was so very proud of you!!!
Now...Sue..when I read..."Home from Tennessee" know I immediately thought....oh my...was she at the muddy creek arena....and I didn'
t even know?!?!?! But then I read on to see that you were at Loretta's instead.
Glad you had a nice time....... you are so right.....our weather in TN has been terribly humid and HOT! IT seems that our weather patterns have changed "warmer" over the past several years.....we don't even get the "big snows" anymore...:(
Welcome home to nice cool Michigan...and when you're heading back my way.....let's do lunch sweet friend!!!
Sweet Blessings to you!!!

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