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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Because of Him... I Can

I can know peace.
I can know joy.
I can have HOPE.

I can climb mountains and cross raging seas in this life.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

This is so cool. I needed this today! I hope it encourages you.


Pam said...

Loved this, Sue. I did need it and didn't even know it. Thanks for sharing.

Drop by my place today if you get the chance.

Have a blessed day.

Praise and Coffee said...

I didn't either Pam!

Monkey Giggles said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

this totally gave me the chills!! thanks!

Shosannah said...

This was lovely

Living Beyond said...

I have seen this before and bawled through it many a times - I just loved it.

Anything is possible if a person believes!!

JavaMama said...

Amazing, thank you for sharing this. I was deeply encouraged.

JOYfully in Him,

Cathy said...

That was amazing, Sue, and I love Nicole's song.

concerned parent said...

Wow what a Dad!

Amrita said...

What a powerful video and song. I feel like that man in the wheel chair and God pushing me forward.In Christ I CAN. Thank you for encouraging me

Anonymous said...

I have visited your blog frequently and didn't leave a message; but this video just got my heart,I needed to see this. I even sent it to my daughter it was that powerful. Thank you.

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