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Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fluff and other random happenings

****** Well, the hubby had a birthday last week. 43. That makes me almost 41.

Hmmm. Now I'll be IN my 40's.

See, when you turn's kind of like the top of the 30' 41 is actually over the top (it's not a hill, just a a muffin top) and into the next decade.

OK- it's my little fantasy...let me have it!

But hey, this is about him anyway right?

Happy Birthday Hubby!

****** Cooking for 12 at the drop of a hat
I've never been so happy that I bought all the ingredients for a double batch of White Chili!
12 people showed up at our house to ride motocycles on our motocross track.

It's so fun to use words like..."I threw this together when I saw you were all here." As if I'm some sort of always prepared - on top of it all - kind of woman.

My friend said, "my throwing something together is grilled cheese sandwiches, yours is chicken chili!"
I was honest and admitted that I thought we may have riders over and I stocked up.

They came to ride motorcycles, they left with full bellies, better than a sharp stick in the eye.
White chili
Double batch (in case 12 people come):2 large glass jars of Northern beans (not drained)
1 large (Hi-C fruit juice size) can chicken broth
1 small can of chopped green chili's
1 large chunk of monterey jack cheese shredded
1 large chunk of pepper jack cheese shredded
3-4 cooked and cubed chicken breasts

Throw it all together until the cheese is melted. Always awesome the second

Top with a dollop of sour cream if you so desire and
serve with slices of Italian or French bread
*****Steph took her driving test last week
After the road test, the almost 16 year old daughter decides she wants to stop at KFC for some raspberry tea. Being the cool Mom, I'm all about it, after all- 3 year old daughter is home with Dad- so she swings into the drive thru with our jumbo-size Excursion.

As we sit and converse about her new life as a driver and the freedom she is about to experience (and I smile and carry on while cringing and weeping on the inside because my baby is not going to need me anymore...) now that she can drive herself around town...(more internal weeping)...

Suddenly we realize that the car in front of us is slowly creeping backwords....
...I notice it's reverse lights on... starts to pick up speed... it comes within inches of slamming
(maybe not slamming...maybe bumping...but slamming sounds so much more exciting)

...into us, I yelled BEEP!!!
(not AT the car mind was an order to my daughter to warn this obviously confused person)
and as I'm yelling, Steph throws the truck into reverse causing the truck to fly backwards at an alarming rate of speed and with tires screaching she lays on the horn.

The crazy-backwards driving person- slams on their brakes and stops abruptly as we jerk backwards. I couldn't tell if he hit us or not.

My daughter throws it into park and jumps out of the truck....I seriously thought this child was about to rip the guys head off! I couldn't believe my eyes.

She looks at the front of the truck and sees that we did not collide with one another as the man steps out of his car. He apologizes and thankfully she smiles and nods while climbing back into the truck.

It was so much more exciting than parallel parking.

******* Seeing myself in my kids...

Lately Lauren is telling on me in a big way. The other day she dropped her marker on the floor and made this loud huffing...sigh-like...kind of growly noise. My husband's head swung towards me so fast I'm sure he got dizzy, as I shrunk back into the couch.

There it was. She's got my growl. That's not good.

But it was funny! The first time.....

So, now she does it all the time and the cuteness is gone. All that's left is the blinding reminder of my lack of patience and discrection.

Ok, ok...but in my defense, she also feels the need to pray anytime someone is hurt, especially the dog. Not that the dog gets hurt much, ( I promise) but the other day she was limping and Lauren kept asking me to pray and she would bow her head so cute and...shouldn't that count for something!

Have a good weekend!


Denise C said...

Oh how sweet are the days of being a momma!!! I love your Friday Fluff posts! They always bring smiles to my face!!! Way to go Steph....for saving the Excursion...and way to go Lauren for learning Mommy's Growl!!! hee-hee! I grow too...and so does Chelsi!!!
Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family....and I cannot wait to try out your chili!! oh YUM!
Love you sweet friend!!!

Anonymous said...

This is by far the richest post I've read of yours in awhile. Loved it! Thanks for keeping it real!

concerned parent said...

Well uncle and auntie love that she has your growl there maybe a time when driving with big sister that the growl could be used. Steph sweet sixteen oh how they grow internal weeping for me too. Wow 43 he will always be older! And 41 seems younger the closer I get.

Susan said...

What an awful experience to have. I take it no one was behind you. That was certainly a blessing. Sounds like you're having a little hectic time. I wonder if she'll be comfortable going to a drive-up window after this?

Anonymous said...

RYC: I must have been tired. What I meant to say was
This post of yours is the richest post I've read in awhile.

Pam said...

This is my favorite post of the week, Sue.

Great job for your new driver. What a way to get started!

Oooh . . . "the mommy growl". We've had our share of seeing what our kids have "caught" from us lately, especially with the sarcastic tone I've been recognizing in my 12-year-old . . . sounds familiar and yet so yucky coming from her sweet mouth . . . oh, that's from me? You bet.

Have a great weekend, dear Sue.

Just Mom said...

1) LOL, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby.


3) I think I'll let my hubby experience similar excitement when the time comes.

4)Yup. My son is just like me. I pity his future wife.

beckyjomama said...

I loved this!!! Gotta love when the baby gets your not so good side down.

I LOOOVVEEE the show Reba. Reba often times will growl/groan the word "craaaapp" out loud and long. CRACKS ME UP! I kinda - and not that I am proud of it - became an expert at that growl and found myself using it quite frequently ... til my 3 year old (now 4) started saying it too!

Oh yeah, got some fun looks from hubby then!

And having a driver ... I will pray for ya ;)

Anonymous said...

Your driving story was funny, when Amanda was learning to drive I let Matt take her out for the first several tries. It was crazy! Bailey should be easier, he's quite the golf cart driver which makes him think he can already drive. I think it's comparable to people who play the wii guitar (like bailey) who think they actually can play the real guitar :)
Happy birthday to your hub.
I love your 40 solution. I am hanging on to 38 by the tips of my fingers, and am dreading hitting the 40s a little. The only other age that phased me at all was 27. Weird huh? My mom was 27 when she gave birth to me, so in my eyes I was now as old as my mother.
Have a great day!

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Your daughters driving incident made me smile. My baby girl (now 24)is the most timid, non-confrontational person that I know, but when you put her behind the wheel--oh my! She grew up in a small town, but moved to Chicago shortly after she was married and the aggressive side of her just flares up in the car. I have seen her shake her fist at another driver and I know she would have reacted the same way as your daughter to the backing up incident. She still is very quiet and non-confrontational in every other setting--who knew! Good luck with the teenage driver! It is an experience to be remembered.

Praise and Coffee said...

You all are so much fun!

Praise and Coffee said...

PS I had to put my comment moderation on again because I got some wierd coments over night- spam stuff.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

I LOVE reading your Friday Fluff!!

Your story about Lauren brings back a flood of memories....she did good Mamma.

So, Lauren has your growl....humm..isn't it interesting how our children pick up the things we do...that we don't like??? lol

Thanks for sharing the yummy chili recipe...I'll be trying this for sure.

Blessing to you!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

LOL! I see what you mean about seeing ourselves in our children! I've cringing and sunk down in my chair more than once!

That chili sounds great! I'll have to try it out.

Have a great weekend...


Susan Skitt said...

Oh the wonderful crazy days of motherhood :)

I've had to "release" my sixteen-year-old son last month after he got his liscense. He's been LOVING the freedom of driving to and from school and baseball practices :)

Happy birthday to your dear hubby!
Have a great weekend too!

Anonymous said...

My 3yr old and my 4yr old have learned my exasperation sigh very well, unfortunately and they use it on each other all the time!!

Natalie said...

so funny.
i love the growl part!

i drove with my 16 year old downtown this afternoon.

i tier nor to out on my passenger's break too much1 ; )

Melissa in Mel's World said...

Ok, this may be my FAVORITE Friday Fluff and here's is SO RANDOM and I, Melissa, can roll with the RANDOM, so...let's go!

Happy Birthday Hubby! Nope 41 is NOT old, but hey, when you are 36 you can say that, right?

Cooking for 12 at the drop of a hat...I am IMPRESSED (as always with you). LOVE the recipe, will try it!

Steph and the crazy Excursion outing...LOVE it, I can drive (ahem, ride) with her ANYTIME...she's my kind of gal!

Lauren is growling...well, maybe not so "pastor's wife'ish" of you, but hey, we all fall short, right?!?! Ha! No, really, I am wishing you would do a You-Tube of it so we COULD ALL SEE IT! (Sorry Mark)


Love ya girl,
Melissa, aka Queen of Random!

Sandy said...

Always bring a smile to my face - especially on Friday's ...oh, and love the 40's! :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

A good dose of Friday fluff after a hectic week is such good medicine! Thanks for the laughs!

Amy said...

HA! Love the sighing noises. My 5 year old has recently started saying (under her breath) "For Pete's Sake"....OOPS!!!

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