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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm a Winner...twice!

I was so blessed by Bev Brandon , she sent me a gift subscription to domino magazine!

I can't wait to receive it in the mail!! I love magazines.

Then I won a book at Beth Vogt's Writing Road!
It's called Writing Motherhood and it's by Lisa Garrigues.

I have just started reading it and just in the preface it's hitting me square between the eyes!

I want to share a little with you:

The author is sharing how she has so many reasons (excuses) not to write an article.

"As I sat poised to pen the next reason I could not write the article, I
remember a story I had read in Georgia Heard's memoir, Writing Toward
, about a rafting trip her friend had taken one July down the Rio
Grande in Taos, New Mexico. The water was low. but the guide instructed the
group not to try to avoid the many rocks in the river. Much to their surprise,
every time the raft bumped into a rock, it gently bounced off it, glided
backward, then drifted on downstream with the current. Heard has since applied
the rafting lesson to writing: "The obstacles I face - lack of time, too many
projects at once- as well as the obstacles all writers face- rejection,
criticism, doubts and insecurities, unfinished poems and stories- are impossible
to avoid and can be valuable teachers. I can gather strength from them. They are
inevitable parts of a writer's life." The poet went so far as to mount the
slogan like a bumper sticker on her writing chair: Don't try to avoid the


Don't you love it?!

I think this book is just the encouragement (kick in the pants) I need!

Thanks to both of these ladies for blessing me!

Our hope in in Him,



Susan said...

Yeah for you, Sue!!!! Sounds great.

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, congrats sweetie.

Susan said...

Oh Sue thanks for the nice long comment. I love it!!! I had just left that same 1 Thes. scripture on a comment on a blog I had just read :o) He is coming!!!

Pam said...

Good for you, Sue. Those both sound like great gifts! I love magazines, too, and I'm constantly manufacturing "reasons" as to why I can't write more than a blog post occasionally. I might need to borrow that book when you're done with it.

concerned parent said...

Congratulations’ sis you enjoy the reading/writing and then we can enjoy your articles on them too.


Anonymous said...

Congrats,Sue! Thanks for introducing me to this great writer and book. WOW. I am eager to find a few quiet moments to pour over her website and get into her book. There truly is a miracle in every mundane minute! Blessings today! Hugs from Virginia, Janell

Monkey Giggles said...

Hi Sue,

Can't wait until I get YOUR book. (smile)

The Lord has given you such a wonderful gify of writing and you are using it for Him.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What such a sweet...sweet...friend!!!!

Tammy said...


And this books does sound wonderful...I keep putting off finishing a novel I started writing like 3 years ago. Granted, it's hard when you have young children (my youngest is just now five) plus home school...but I find I use most of my writing energies for blogging- instead of finishing what I started!


Karen Hossink said...

That rafting lesson can be applied to all aspects of life, don't you think? So why is it we try to avoid the bumps? Just think how much they'll shape us.

Praise and Coffee said...

Yes, Karen I agree. I can think of 2 things to apply it to just today! :)

Celly B said...

Wow, Sue, congratulations! The Writing Motherhood book sounds awesome!
If you get a chance, stop by my blog today. I'd love to have you participate in Thirstin' for the Word Thursday!

Paula said...

Great stuff.

Lisa Spence said...

Congrats! And that book sounds wonderful...might have to put it on the (ever growing) amazon wish list!

Anonymous said...

Domino is my favorite, FAVORITE magazine! (Okay, after Martha Stewart...) You will love it!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Congratulations! What a great day!

Karen said...

Sue, just popping in to let you know there's a small mistake in the Beth Vogt's Writing Road link. I just removed the second '/' at the end of the URL and it worked fine :)

Congratulations on the winnings...!


Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you Lizzie, I fixed it!!

Denise C said...

I am so happy for you....the magazine looks wonderful and the book does as well! So glad you deserve everything good my friend!!!

Melissa in Mel's World said...

I could think of no one more deserving as you my friend!

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