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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shining our light=doing good to others

As you probably can tell, I’ve been super busy lately with not much computer time. Sorry!

But you have been on my heart, and I do have some thoughts that I want to share with you.

God has put my life into a whole new “mode” and frankly it’s freaking me out a little. I’ve always been surrounded by Christians and submerged in church activities and ministry.

However, that is not the case this season in my life. Instead, I find myself outside of “church life” and spending a lot of time with unbelievers, and I must admit I am loving it!

I’ve been thinking about how God called us to be a light.

Jesus said:
Matthew 5:14-16
14 "You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.
15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.
16 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

I’ve always known that and thought that I was being a light all the time.
But now I see, that the truth is -
I am WAY more comfortable being a light in a light place!
Funny- God never said it was about MY comfort did He???

A light that is turned on in the daytime is not as effective as a light that is turned on in the dark.

What does it mean to be a light in a dark place???
Just like the verse says- “that they may see your good deeds.”

I used to think that to be a light you had to be preaching at people, but that is not what this verse says.
We are to do good to others and THAT is what causes our light to shine.

Then God opens hearts so that maybe we will be able to share the saving knowledge of God.
Or maybe it will be a seed in their hearts and someone else will present the gospel to them.

What do you think it means to do good?

In my life right now, one of the ways is to open my home on the nights that we have several of our motocross riders (ages 7-10 yrs) and their families come out to practice on our track.

Looking out from my deck:

Check out the little guy jumping!

I would love to hear if God is challenging you to be a light in the world!


Jen said...


By nature...or learned behavior....I am a very behind the scenes, stay in my comfort zone person.
God, over the past number of months or more, has been helping me to see what he sees in the darkness. It has brought a true love for the people, and taken away the intimidation of the sin in their lives.
This was particularly the case when I went to a business related party with my husband a while back. I dreaded going as there were a number of homosexual couples that were quite demonstrative at these functions.
I prayed ahead of time, and God gave me the words of Jesus, "I only say what I hear my Father say, I only Do what I see my Father do..." that brought a freedom to relax.
God ended up giving me tremendous favor with 2 of the lesbian couples. I was able to really SEE them and what had brought them to this stage in their lives.
He taught me to see them FIRST as sisters, hurting women...not unlike many of us. Homosexuality was just a by-product. They hugged me when we left, and I can honestly say, I loved these ladies for the first time.
God is useing that kind of incident to show me the REAL people behind the facades...the drugs, the goth, the unfaithfulness, the hard shell, the psychic...they are all people first.

concerned parent said...

I have found that with the moms where my kids go to school I have great opportunity to be a light in the darkness; it can feel good and bad at the same time. I want to help them and save them from their selves but they have to want it also. It is so much easier to socialize with other believers then those who are not, and yet it can be a great opportunity to learn and grow for myself. I have tried to increase my love circle this year and the Lord has been faithful in providing me ample friends that I can love. I thank him for all my friends no matter the path their on.

Sandy said...

Just came over for a quick visit! I can totally relate. Our family loves spending time with non-believers. And our secret is: love them as if they are Chrisitians. Treat them that way.
It takes a confident believer to be able to do this. Insecurity leads to fear.
Great post! Glad I found you!!
For Reluctant Entertainers

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Absolutely LOVE the new family pic on your profile!

Sharon Brumfield said...

We seem to be learning a lot lately that God has called us to a life of love. It is the Spirit's job to draw them to Jesus.
I tell my girl' are not the Holy Spirit, just love them.
I have been amazed lately the group of people that are becoming part of our group......Muslims, Mormons,and Jehovah Witnesses.
How do I walk with them to the cross? --love 'em.

Anonymous said...

I've been challenged to be a light in my own home and in the lives on my in-laws. I was so angry at my father-in-law for being such a jerk to my husband... Joyce Meyer said the most profound thing the other day...When you hate, the only thing that happens is that hell applauds. So satan was just clapping and whooping it up because I had allowed such anger and bitterness to come into my heart towards his father.

Now I am determined (IN CHRIST) to love his man, and in my own home, let nothing but positive things that bring life come out of my mouth.

Great post Sue.
Love ya

Praise and Coffee said...

ooh Kerri, I cringe at the thought of heaven applauding! Great visual to keep my in line.

I love ALL your input. I think it's good for us to think about this often!

eph2810 said...

Yeah - it is much easier to be a light among lights--stepping into the darkness and be the light can be scary. I step into the darkness every day and hope that His light shines through me :)

Be blessed today and always.

Roo said...

wow, can i relate. i am constantly challenged with this. and about NOT covering the light..or making it a little less bright or more "socially acceptable"

BE a light and BE bright.

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