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Friday, May 18, 2007

What's Your View of Things Today?

“For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion;
in the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me;
He shall set me high upon a rock.” Psalms 27:5

Do you know what happens when God sets you high upon a rock? For one thing, it changes your perspective. You see things differently.

I often tell people who are struggling to step back and look at the big picture. Separate yourself from the pain and hurt of your circumstances and think about what is really going on here.

We went to Niagara Falls one year for our family vacation. The first view we had of the falls was from high up in the Skylon Tower. It was an absolutely breathtaking view!
I had never seen anything so beautiful and serene.

Our next view of the falls was from street level. It was a completely different picture from down there. The water is so loud as it roars over the falls, you can feel the thundering waves crashing to the bottom.

There is also a mist coming up from the water and the falls seem to create its own wind. It is an awesome sight to see from up in the tower, and a very intimidating one to see from the ground.

Where did that serenity from high up in the tower go? It's was frightening at this level.

Were there two sets of falls that we experienced that day?
No, just two different perspectives of the falls.
God wants us to look at our circumstances in light of how awesome He is, not how loud and frightening our storm is.

In light of how God looks at our life, every storm seems to quiet. It is not that the storm goes away, but the roar of the circumstances dull in His awesome and magnificent presence.

Let Him set you high upon that rock today and take a look at things from HIS point of view!
Lord, help each of us today to see out lives from YOUR point of view, draw us so close to You that we aren't frightened by the roar of the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Very good word today and love, love the analogy of Niagara Falls!

You're a jewel!


PandaMom said...

I would LOVE to visit the falls one day. I am soooo moved by God's creation and get all wrapped up in just the sheer beauty of it.

BTW: Every time I see your little picture icon pop up on my comments, you remind of Susan Ashton!...and I love her. She needs to do more music, but that's another topic all together! Have a great weekend.

Wait-What does your hubby do now if he "was" a children's pastor???

Jill V. said...

I definately needed this. Thank you for sharing what God puts on your heart. Even though I only get to "see" you here, you continue to be a blessing:-)

Praise and Coffee said...

Thank you- I love Susan Ashton too! I have sung her songs in church-years ago.

I listed the things that we have done in ministry. He was a children's pastor for 4 years and then a senior pastor when we planted a church.

We are not "in" ministry officially right now, but working on our business which he has had through it all. Which is quickly becoming ministry in itself!

Anonymous said...

i wish i lived near you, and could just come around and soak up some of your wisdom. i think i would just follow you around - if you wash dishes, i wash dishes. if you make pb&j for your kids, i help too. and i would just listen the whole time!

i'm going to view life from a tower today. i'm going to let every storm and trial take its place as MINISCULE in light of God's might and power.

Chris @ Come to the Table said...

What a beautiful picture you have painted Sue. So true, our perspective can completly change our focus and keep us from seeing our life through our awesome God.

Roo said...

love it!! the niagara falls are so majestic! its amazing to me to think that people have gone over those falls and lived! a miracle.

i like to think of this analogy....and how we are so close to situations in our lives -- its ard to see the whole picture. though we are limited and small, God is great and big and can see everything. our vew may be confined to a corner of the picture. i have to trust Him. He knows, He cares and His wisdom and vision is sooo much greater then mine.

shalom to you my friend. TGIF!! love you.

Praise and Coffee said...

Erin, I wish you lived closer too! I was thinking that yesterday.
How far is Michigan from you anyways? :D

Jen said...

Awesome Job Sue!
My encouragement is always..."God, this is what I See...NOW SHOW ME WHAT YOU SEE".
It's rarely the same....we must see from His perspective.

Anonymous said...

There are also times when we're going over the edge, or are at the bottom of the falls being pounded by the water rushing down....even so, when I look back at those painful times, there is beauty, and purpose. Great thoughts...

C.L. Dyck said...

That's a great analogy. When I saw the falls, I was only 8, so the one thing I do remember was the sound and the water-winds.

Enjoy your time with non-believers - yeah, it's harder, but the highs and lows are more clear-cut, in some ways. Conversations we take for granted with Christians - about Jesus, or our faith - suddenly become a really big deal. Makes a person realize how precious it is to be able to talk about it and have the other person "get" it.



Linette said...

So very true! Thank you for such wise words. We all need to be reminded of this.

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

depends on where you live in michigan. :) i am pretty close, i should think. when i am not at school in southeastern ohio, i live in indiana - up north in fort wayne!

Susan said...

Loved this and it plays right into all of the things I've been talking to Him about and He's been talking to me about!


Steffie B. said...

Excellent post! ;)

holy chaos said...

that was an awesome illustration!
thank you for such encouragement.

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Sue, what refreshing words those are to me this evening! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sue - I was led to your blog via a comment you left on Susy Flory's goddess worship blog 2 days ago. Since I read "What's your view of things today?" on Monday I've shared it in a Personnel meeting with 6 others who were very encouraged by it; I felt prompted to prophetically pray out Psalm 27:5 over someone today; and I copied and pasted it into an email that I sent on to a friend suffering from cancer in Hong Kong. It's getting a lot of mileage! Thanks for sharing God's heart and letting Him multiply it through you. Blessing, Terry

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