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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wait...2011 would like to be remembered.

I should preface this by saying that I am writing this under the influence of many over the counter cold meds. If I say anything offensive, send an email to my editor.

It didn't take long. As soon as women put down their fork after Christmas dinner they started tweeting and FB'ing about their New Years resolutions. And though I should be thinking about that, I'm going to sit here and simmer on the past year for at least another meal.

Before we jump ahead...which I will be, especially next week when the latest Praise and Coffee magazine publishes (because it's all about new beginnings), let's savor what 2011 tasted like.

I want to think about the many things that I have to be thankful for this year:
Most of all the health and well being of my family.
A deeper sense of God's proximity and love.
Full bellies and happy hearts.

We're spoiled really.

And then there are the regrets.
I regret all the rushing.
I regret all the worrying.
I regret all the fear and insecurity that dictated my decisions.

Which I supposed now leads to the resolutions I need to make.
Ugh. I'm not a good resolution maker. Actually I despise them.
I would rather decide to change- then make the change- live the change- and THEN talk about it.
However, I really do feel that goals are good, needed and highly beneficial.

Sorry, maybe it's the bucket of cold medicine I just drank that's making me talk in circles.

Anyways...I would love to hear what you're thankful for and what you regret as we close out 2011.
Did you achieve last years resolution? (If that just upset you, we can pretend you threw pie at me. I'm sure it hit me because I'm too drowsy to duck.)

PS: I just told Lauren she could make her own ice-cream sundae while I finished this post...once again ruining my chances for mother of the year.

Edited to add...I don't have an editor.

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