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Monday, September 13, 2010

This Just In...

Well it's my first Monday with Lauren in school and I'm working in the office all day trying to catch up to the stuff I put off all summer.

Today I'm over at the Internet Cafe' posting at the Ministry Counter.
You can read the post here:
"Size Doesn't Matter"
Here's an excerpt:

"So often I talk to women who lead Bible studies, seminars or even Praise and Coffee Nights, and they are frustrated at the low numbers of women that come out to their events. Unfortunately, this can often come from our own insecurities as we look at our small groups as a form of rejection. Sadly, we can relate the size of our group to our own self-worth."

I also want to make a huge announcement!

Wait for it....

Ok, I can't take it anymore!
Praise and Coffee has partnered with the online ministries of Inspired Hearts!

Inspired Hearts Media is the go-to place for Christian women in the online community. This diverse group of women has been brought together by God to unite as one in purpose.

Here's a clip from their website:
"...They quickly realized that as the body of Christ, we are better together than we are apart so they partnered with other online ministries to bring you Inspired Hearts Media, a company seeking to bring you everything you need to grow and thrive spiritually using online media. With other ministries on board and supporting one another, they are able to reach millions of women on a monthly basis."

Melissa Mashburn (co-founder of Praise and Coffee Nights) and I are super excited about this new partnership.
They are such an amazing group of women, you have to check out their website.

Also, this page shows some of the gals behind Praise and incredible team of women! Behind the Media

We are all looking forward to what God has planned for this next year.
Look for:
~Online magazine
~more videos
~more Praise and Coffee Nights starting in YOUR area!!

If you are interested in starting a Praise and Coffee Night in your community, go to THIS page.

All you need is a couple of girlfriends!

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